Hello, Spring?

Well, today is the first day of March Break but it looks more like the first day of Christmas Break!  It is a real blizzard outside and we our housebound for the moment which can make for a looooong day!

But, not to fear! There are plenty of fun indoor activities to keep your little one occupied, here’s a few of my favourites…

-Water Play in the sink- it’s simple, easy and always a fan favorite

-Crafts/Stickers/Play Doh- they are nice and contained and provide some good creativity

-Imagination Play- favourite toys, here we come!

-Baking- making some delicious treats together is always a fun way to pass an hour

-Movies- once all else fails, popcorn and a movie is a fun treat

So, enjoy the snow filled day and if you’re lucky to be somewhere where the sun is shining, I’m jealous!

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