Riviera Maya- Family friendly activities

As much fun as it is to spend your days relaxing at the resort it’s also nice to get out and see some local culture. If you are planning to venture off the resort, make sure to really research the places you’re thinking about going. It’s important to ensure they are family friendly and close enough (I would say 1.5 hours max) so that your little one doesn’t lose it on a long bus ride & the fun is over before it even started.


Our first off the resort activity was Tulum a very accessible and interesting Mayan Ruin site that was quite near our hotel. We started off following the group tour but after about 15 minutes we could tell this wasn’t going to work. As much as we as adults enjoyed hearing the history of the site our little guy couldn’t care less. So, we ditched the group and took off on our own for a more family friendly time. We still got lots out of the visit (and googled the history when we got home) and our little guy was happy and entertained. Make sure you read your little ones signals & mood and change with it, it makes the outing more fun for everyone. Trust me 😊


After we visited Tulum we continued on to Xel-ha for an afternoon of fun in a beautifully maintained natural paradise. We took our little guy on the natural ‘lazy river’ which was lazy in name only as I ended up getting quite the workout paddling us downstream 😝
The park was amazing with lots of family friendly activities that embraced the natural beauty. There was also lots of great activities like zip lining and rock jumping for tweens, teens and adults.  Plus, the food was fantastic with lots of yummy options for everyone 😋
Coupled with tulum this made for a great active day!


One of our absolute favorite days while we were in Riviera Maya was our trip to Xcaret.
The park was stunning and had something for everyone. There was tons of wildlife in a very natural setting, a butterfly house and aviary (the waterfalls inside were simply unreal) & great places for little ones to swim and explore. The park was beautifully maintained & has an amazing underground river system that you can actually swim through. All in all I would say this park is a definite must if you’re in the Riviera Maya area and looking for a relaxing, exciting and informative day all rolled into one!

So, If you’re heading to Riviera Maya make sure to get off the resort at least once and explore some local culture, there’s plenty of fun to be had!

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