Disney on Ice-Tips, tricks and thoughts

Yesterday we had a fantastic time at Disney on Ice, Follow your Heart. Disney on Ice is a great way to get a taste of Disney fun without the expensive of actually going to the parks. Here are some of our tips for attending Disney on Ice with you kiddos and a review of the show.

Make getting to the show part of the fun


I’m all for making traveling to and from an event part of the fun since that’s usually when most melt downs happen.  If you are driving, bring a fun new car activity related to the event (like a new Disney sticker book) and maybe even crank some Disney tunes in the car.   We opted to take the train down because my little guy loves trains and the fun started from the moment we arrived at the station.

Snacks and Souvenirs  


Every parent’s nightmare, over priced snacks and souvenirs! Well, there are two ways I like to deal with this particular predicament.  If you have the time and forethought hit up a dollar store beforehand and pick up some inexpensive Disney items and some glow sticks. Then, grab a few of your kiddo’s fav snacks and bring them along.  This way  your little one gets something new, a yummy treat and you save yourself a ton of money.  My other go to option is to let my little guy pick one item (preferably something that is a snack and souvenir rolled into one- we opted for the popcorn Disney bag for this show) so that they have something to remember the show by but you haven’t left with a bag full of junk that they will never look at again.

The Show!

Follow your Heart was the best Disney on Ice show we’ve seen so far.  It was a great mix of Princess’, Pixar and classic Disney characters in a fun story structure.  The first half was all told through the emotions from Inside Out which was a really great device to link many different stories together.  My little guy’s fav scene was the dancing brooms from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, it was glow-in-the-dark and so much fun. The second half consisted of Finding Dory (with an awesome Hank character!!), Toy Story and Frozen, it was a really spectacular ending to a great show.  Disney on Ice does a fantastic job of condensing 90 minute movies into 10-15 minute stories full of song and action, if this particular show comes to your town it is for sure worth a watch!

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