Tips & tricks for taking your baby to Walt Disney World

Everyone thought we were nuts for going to Disney with a 6 month old but we had a fantastic time! Check out below for my tips and suggestions for navigating the happiest place on earth with a super tiny kiddo.

When to go??

One of the most important things to consider when you take a baby to Walt Disney World is when to go. We opted to go in December for a few reasons; the temps are considerably cooler (which is so helpful, no one wants an overheated infant), the Christmas festivities are on (which are very magical!) and there are great deals happening (we lucked in to free dining which is the best deal if you can time it right). In the end it’s totally your call as to when you go but if you can make late fall work it really is the best time plus the crowds are lighter which makes the overall feel that much more pleasant.
Along with time of year another thing to keep in mind is your infant’s age 5-8 months is a great time to take a baby as they are old enough to pretty much be sitting up but aren’t quite on the move yet. This way they can participate in more activities but aren’t constantly trying to make an escape.

What to pack!

When you’re traveling to Walt Disney World (or anywhere really!) with a baby deciding what to pack is pretty overwhelming. I mean seriously, how can such a small human require so many things!! Here’s a few tips that might help to make it a little easier 😃

When it comes to clothes, you know your baby best, but generally two tops and one bottom per day & one pair of pjs for every two days seems to work well but, what about all the other stuff?! That’s what takes up so much room!

Diapers-make sure you have enough for the normal amount of changes plus an extra two per day (just to be on the safe side). Also, don’t forget your swim diapers!

Formula- if your baby is formula fed, portion out the formula into individual ziplock bags and bring the small bags in a larger bag. This way you don’t have to carry the big heavy, space sucking, tin and you can always throw an extra formula portion into your bag for the day in case you’re out longer than you expect.

Sun protection- Hat & UPF sun shirts are a no brainer but two other things to think about are a sun protector for the stroller and a Chilly Pad to keep your little guy cool if the temps start to rise.

Lastly, make sure you have a few extra warm items to layer on (just in case!) and a few fav toys, but just a few!

Baby Carriers- a must!!


I want to talk for a second about baby carriers and why I love them when you’re traveling with an infant at Walt Disney World Long story short, there was some confusion with our stroller at the airport when we arrived and we had to wait for it to come by Disney’s Magical Express later that day.

Luckily, I had a baby carrier with me so we could still enjoy our first day at the park vs sitting around waiting for our stroller to arrive. I had never been a huge fan of baby carriers (partly because I’m 5 feet tall and I could barely see over my baby’s head at certain angles) but I had heard they were good at Disney World so I brought it along. Best decision ever!!

For starters you can use the carrier right up until you board an attraction (and even on some attractions) so you don’t have to hold your squirming baby in your arms while you’re waiting for a ride or show. Carriers also let you do things that are super awkward to navigate with a stroller and they’re so easy to store under your stroller when you aren’t using them.
In this pic we are playing a game of mini golf at Winter Summer Land& my little guy is getting to join in on the fun (in his own way 😂) and I have my hands free to play my lovely hole-in-one filled game 😉
So, if you have a carrier, bring it! If you don’t, get one, it’s totally worth it!!

Character Meet & Greets


Character meet & greets at Walt Disney World are a favorite amongst most kiddos but babies couldn’t care less 😝
They are still way too young to understand the concept of meeting their fav character in real life but that doesn’t mean you can’t capture some ridiculously adorable pics if you get the chance.
Now, if taking your baby to meet a character is on your list of must dos there are only two circumstances when it’s the least bit worth it; if you happen upon a character arriving and the line hasn’t formed yet (that’s what happened here) or you pre-book a fastness and can basically walk right up. Also, don’t worry if the moment you end up capturing is your baby crying, it will make for a fun pic to bug them with when they get older and will still be super cute 😉

Photo Pass


When we used to go to Walt Disney World before our little guy was born we never really understood the appeal of Disney Photopass but now we take advantage of it on every trip.
The Disney photographers do such a great job of capturing priceless moments, like this one with Elsa, and the quality of the pics is fantastic.

We’ve definitely found that photo pass is a great way to get everyone in the shot (if you want to) and it’s so quick and easy especially when you have a baby with you and you don’t want to constantly be reaching for your phone.



One of my favorite things to do at Walt Disney World is go on the rides (I’m sure I’m not alone in this!) so, when I knew I was going to be taking my baby with me I started to really look into the height restrictions on different attractions.

Well, if you’re planning on going with a baby rest assured that you will be able to take your little one on so many of the rides with you (especially at Magic Kingdom ) and the ones that you can’t offer rider-swap passes so that you can take turns without waiting in a long line.

I know it’s hard to tell from his face in the pic but my little guy looooves rides and I think a lot of that is because he’s been going on them since he was a baby (at least that’s what I’m telling myself 😉). And, just remember that at this age the rides are for you (they couldn’t care less!) so you won’t have to be riding dumbo over and over again, that’ll happen on your next trip 😂.

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