Packing for a Toddler- the fun stuff!

If you’ve ever taken a little one on vacation you know there are expensive temptations everywhere, especially at Disney.  But, with a little pre-planning you can minimize over spending without cutting down on the fun, here are a few of my fav tips and buy ahead items.

Glow Sticks & Light Up Wands/Toys

Ok, this seems like a weird one but glowing toys are super expensive, break easily and the novelty runs out really quickly.  If you’ve ever been to a show with your kiddo that has even a little bit of darkness you know what I’m talking about.  Glowing toys generally start at $15 anywhere up to $40 depending on where you are and what you’re doing.  So, before you go anywhere where this temptation might get your little one’s attention go to your nearest dollar store and grab a few packs of glow sticks. For a dollar you can get 6 glow sticks so pick up a few packs for variety!  Also, check and see if you can find any other inexpensive glowing toys, the spinning wand above was $5 at Walmart and will be tons of fun when we hit up Disneland’s Main Street Electrical Parade!

Activity Books and Travel Sets

My kiddo absolutely loves colouring and stickers so I always make sure to pick up a few new activity books before we go anywhere.  There is nothing more exciting than cracking open a brand new activity book at the start of a long trip (car, plane, train, doesn’t matter!) Also, make sure to pick up a portable table surface with a soft underneath so that your little one can rest it on their laps, it will make the activities that much easier.  You can find these types of activity books pretty much anywhere but if you go to the Dollar Store you will get more bang for your buck and in this case getting more variety is certainly a good thing!



Oh, Play-Doh, how I love you!  My little guy can play with Play-Doh for hours, he absolutely loves it!  So, I like to grab a bag of mini-containers (usually the pack has 16) that I can bring with me to always be able to hand him a new Play-Doh when he’s getting fidgety or bored. And, because they are just tiny they are basically one time use, you don’t have to worry about them drying out or getting lost and he can mix all the colours he wants!

Autograph Book and Pin Trading Lanyard

If you are headed to Disney my two fav souvenirs for little guys are autographs and Pins.  Once you make the initial investment, you can keep up the tradition for relatively little expense.  For autographs, you can buy a book at the parks (or pick up a blank Disney book from pretty much anywhere) and take it with you for every character meet & greet, don’t forget to bring a Sharpie (the thicker pens are much easier for the characters to write with). For pin trading, once you buy the lanyard with starter pin set you can just periodically pick up pins when the time is right, it makes for a great souvenir and once they get a little older they can choose to trade them with various cast members around the park.

So, there you have it!  With just a little bit of pre-planning you can save a ton of money & cut down on stress without sacrificing any of the fun!

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