Packing for a Toddler-safety first!

Aside from the fun  activities that keep your toddler entertained during a flight I also have a few safety/comfort items that I’m always sure to bring along!

Safety Straps


My little guy is tiny, always has been, probably always will be!  But, no matter your little one’s size the moment they turn two the require their own seat on a flight.  I had seen people bring carseats on the plane which certainly solves the problem of keeping your little one in place but is a bit of a pain to lug on and off a flight.

So, I started researching options, I couldn’t possibly be the only one with this concern!  And, that’s when I came across ‘Kids fly safe’ a airline approved safety harness that works similar to a car seat.  Just slip it over the seat, tighten it and do up the seatbelt through the loops. Now, my little guy can fly safe and secure and the entire thing can be thrown into my carry on bag with no problem! If you know you are going to be on at least a few flights between the time your little one is 2 & 5 it’s worth looking into!

Head Strap


Ok, this is another item I had to search around a bit for!  My little guy loves to sleep in cars and on planes but his head always flops down.  I knew there had to be a way to keep his head propped up in a comfortable way that didn’t require him wearing a big pillow. Well, this strap works like a charm.  I just slide it over the plane seat and when he falls asleep I gently slide it over his forehead and leave it on until he starts to wake up, he gets a way better sleep that way!



One of the easiest ways to keep your little one entertained during a flight is with a movie or tv show on either your own device or the in flight entertainment. It’s important to bring proper headphones for your little one so that they both fit properly and also have a volume limiter to prevent them from getting too loud if your little one start playing with the volume.

Hopefully these tips will help make your toddler’s next flight a safe and pleasant one, for everyone!

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