Packing for a Toddler- fun in the sun!

There’s nothing quite as fun as spending time at the beach or pool with your fav little one! Here are some of my must haves for those water adventures 🙂

Sunglasses and Hat

Your little one is never too young for a good pair of sunglasses and a proper hat!  My fav hats are full brim but as your little one gets older it will be harder and harder to get them to leave a big hat on.  So, I always include my little guy in sunglasses and hat purchases.  I would much rather have ones that he will wear than expensive ones he wants nothing to do with!

Sandals & Water Shoes


Having good comfy shoes that will keep your little one’s feet protected from the hot ground or sand is super important.  Make sure to get a pair that is appropriate for the kind of vacation you are taking (you probably don’t need water shoes unless you are hitting the beach!)and that your little one will like wearing.



Sunscreen is so important!  Get your little one used to wearing it as young as you can so that they are amicable to you applying it.  Sprays are great for arms, legs, tummy & back since it’s quick to apply but make sure to have a good SPF cream for the face.

UPF 50+ Swimsuits


Ok, I know the swimsuit pictured above  might look a bit extreme but it covers my little guy from chin to toe so I only need to worry about sunscreen on his face and a good hat.  It also keeps him insulated in the cool water and dries super fast!

Goggles and Floaties


Depending on your little one’s age you may want to get bring goggles or floaties. This will help them to get used to putting their face in the water (without getting water in their eyes!) as well as the sensation of floating and swimming on their own.  If you can get them with their fav characters, even better!

Swim Diapers


If you’re little one is still in diapers, make sure to bring some good swim diapers!  I know it sounds obvious but I didn’t think about it on our first vacation with my little guy and his regular diaper swelled to 5 times it’s normal size in the water. I only made that mistake once 🙂

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