Express yourself, Toddler style!

As a parent you want to let your little one feel like they have a say in things that affect them and one of the easiest ways to do that is in the way their room is decorated.

Once your little has chosen a theme (which can be anything from underwater, to a fav character to a starry night) you can decide how full force you want to get into that theme.

There are so many options from sheet sets, to accessories, to my personal favorite wall decals. I love wall decals because they aren’t super expensive, they can be placed anywhere and can be moved or removed without destroying the paint.

My little guy has a Finding Nemo theme in his bathroom and a Winnie the Pooh theme in his bedroom. The decals really brighten things up and make the space feel fun.

I’m sure we will be changing up the themes soon, and that’s ok! It’s nice that he has a bright, fun space to call his own, that can change and grow as he does 😊

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