Cruising with kids- Part two, accommodations and dining


One of the first things to consider when looking into a cruise line is staterooms. The Disney Cruise Line offers well designed, spacious staterooms at a competitive rate. Two of my fav things about the rooms are the fact that with a basic ocean view room you get a fantastic window and that there is a sitting room separated by a curtain.

We got our little guy a pack-n-play (make sure to reserve one before you go as they have limited numbers onboard) and put it in the sitting area which became his bedroom. Another great feature of the room is the fact that the washroom has a tub not just a shower stall. On many cruise lines this is only a feature in upgraded rooms and with little guys it makes life so much easier! Lastly, If your little one is in diapers make sure to ask for a diaper genie! You’ll appreciate it in the small space 😉


Dining is such a huge part of cruising. Good food and good service is something you come to expect from cruising and Disney blew us away in both areas! Every restaurant offered exceptional food in a fun themed environment and there were lots of delicious options for everyone.

The cruise worked on a two seating time system which meant we could have a guaranteed early dinner (which worked with my little guy’s schedule) and anyone without kids could enjoy a more relaxing later meal. Another amazing feature of the dining was that you had the same servers at all of the restaurants you rotated through (there were three restaurants that we took turns at). It was great because the servers got to know us and we got to know them. They even took the time to learn our likes & dislikes and were amazingly accommodating to my little one.

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