Cruising with kids-Part three, Disney Cruise Character meet & greets

One of the BEST parts about a Disney cruise is all of the Disney fun that comes along with it. Like, character meet & greets! When you visit the theme parks character meet & greets often have long lines and are usually spread out around the park. But, on the cruise we were able to meet so many characters, mostly in the main atrium, where we could just go from one line to another! We never waited more than 10 minutes and we got to meet soooo many characters, including ones that we don’t often see in the parks (like Captain Hook & Mrs. Incredible).

Every morning we would check the schedule to see where and when the characters were going to be and stopped by to see the ones we were interested in. And, because there were always characters scheduled right before dinner we made it part of our routine. Who doesn’t like the idea of stopping to meet their fav character on the way to a yummy dinner!

Part of the joy of cruising is being able to leave your phone in your room since you probably don’t have internet or phone service anyways! But, this means you don’t always have your phone at the ready to snap a pic. Luckily, like at Disney World, there are professional photographers around to help capture your memories.

At first I didn’t think it was worth it to pay for the photo package but after seeing some of the awesome pictures they got I decided to go for it! I left my phone in the room (most of the time) and left the photo snapping to the pros. We ended up with so many great shots, including group shots which are always nice to have! If you plan on doing character meet & greets on board it’s probably something worth looking into.

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