Cruising with kids-Part five, Disney Cruise water fun & days at sea

Something that I discovered just before we left for our cruise was that children in diapers (even swim diapers) aren’t allowed in pools on cruise ships 😯. Yes, seriously. I was freaking out, my little guy loves swimming, how was I supposed to keep him out of the pool? Luckily, Disney Cruise Lines had considered this and put in an amazing splash pad specifically for toddlers. My little guy didn’t even realize he was missing out on the pool. So, if you’re taking your little one on a cruise make sure that the cruise ship you are going on has a toddler friendly splash pad. 😆

Days at sea are a super fun way to get in some pure relaxation as well as enjoy the amenities the ship has to offer. We found so many great shows and activities on the Disney Wonder, there was literally something new to do every hour. Make sure you take the time to make a list of shows you want to try and catch on your days at sea but leave some pool time too! 😎

Pirate Parties!

Have you been to a ‘Pirates in the Caribbean’ party on a Disney cruise?? It is amazing!! The evening starts with a pirate themed dinner and photo ops (we met Jack Sparrow!) and ends with an amazing stage show and fire works. Definitely not an event to be missed, your little one (and you) will love it. The amazingly immersive shows and experiences are just one of the many things I love about Disney cruises.

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