Cruising with kids- Part Four, excursions & Fish Extenders

One of the best parts about getting ready to go on a cruise is choosing your excursions. I love going through the list of different trips and picking the ones that sound most exciting or interesting. As we went through the excursion list for our Disney Cruise and started to pick things I realized I had to take a step back and think about what my little guy would really enjoy and be able to handle. This changed my perspective a bit 😉. I went back through the list with that in mind and ended up changing many of my selections. I cut out anything that was site-seeing and switched to half day activities. This picture is from our trip to Martinique. My little guy absolutely loves flowers and nature so we chose to visit a botanical garden. He loved it and so did we! So remember, just because you are picking an activity that you think your little one will enjoy doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it too. 

Fish Extenders on a Disney Cruise!

Have you ever heard of fish extenders? If you are going on a Disney Cruise make sure to look it up! Fish extenders are a great way to have some fun with other families on board and to receive a new little surprise every day. If you’re not into fish extenders you can always just bring fun magnetic decorations to put on your door. 😊

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