Flying with Kids- Tips & Tricks!

I know most parents dread flying with kids and I totally get it! There is nothing more stressful than boarding a flight with a child and having everyone give you that ‘your child better behave’ look.  Now, every child is different and there’s no simple answer for making flying easy but here are a few things that have worked for us (my little guy has been on a plane about 16 times and has only had one melt down- when he was 6 months old)

Make sure they are comfortable & feel safe

I use the fly safe straps for a few reasons.  One, they keep my little guy securely in his seat so that he feels safe and I don’t have to worry about him moving around.  The straps also remind him that this is a time to sit still, just like in his carseat.  Plus, they make it more comfortable for him if he falls asleep since he’s well supported. That’s where the head strap comes in since it gives him a little extra support & saves me from having to hold his head in place while he sleeps (which I have done!). Just make sure you put both straps on as soon as you get on the flight as they require you putting down the tray table of the seat behind you in order to get them over the back & you don’t want to bother the person behind you any more than necessary 🙂


Entertainment is key!

When you are flying with kids, check ahead to see if you plane has in flight entertainment or if you are on your own.  Even if the plane offers in flight entertainment, always have a few episodes or movies on an iPad just to be on the safe side! Bring a few new toys/games with you as well as some old favs.  The excitement of getting something new as well as the comfort of having an old favourite is a great combo for keeping  your little one happy and entertained.

Don’t stress

Little ones can totally sense your anxiety so if you freak out, they will freak out.  If there’s a bit of turbulence try your best not to make a thing out of it!  You don’t want to unnecessarily upset your little one.  And, if they do start having a meltdown, remain calm.  Do what you have to do to calm them down, within reason of course 😉

Have fun flying with kids!

Make flying a fun experience and part of the vacation, that way your little one will grow to love flying rather than dread it 🙂 Are you planning a family vacation soon? Check out our tips for a successful family vacation!


Happy Travels!!!!


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