Easter activities for your little one!

There’s so many fun ways to get ready for Easter, here are some of my fav ones to do with a little guy 🙂

Decorating Cookies


Our first Easter activity was decorating Yummy cookies! My little guy had a blast putting on the icing, helping me place the candies and of course enjoying the yummy results 😋. I managed to put away most of them for Easter (we had to taste one of course!) but they will certainly be a fun treat to enjoy this weekend. This kit was a simple sugar cookie kit with everything you need to make 6 adorable cookies, just the right amount for sharing

Colouring Eggs


Our next Easter activity was decorating eggs! This was the first time we had attempted this activity with my little guy and boy was I glad the eggs were hard boiled 😂😂. The kit we got came with a clear wax crayon that you could use to draw patterns on the eggs. It didn’t work that well lol but it was fun nonetheless. The tablets that came in the pack also didn’t really give off a huge amount of color so we added in a few squirts of neon food coloring. My little guy was so excited when the eggs came out colorful that all he wanted to do was put them back in. So…they all basically ended up the same color but, he had fun which is what it’s all about.

Chalkboard Eggs


Keeping on the egg decorating theme we decided to try out the chalkboard eggs. These were really fun! The chalk worked surprisingly well so it was super easy for my little guy (and me!) to decorate them. The only problem was that it was also quite easy to smudge the chalk as you moved around the egg. But, on the plus side, unlike the painted eggs, you can wipe them off and start again so the fun lasts a little longer.

Making Easter Chocolates


Our final pre-Easter activity was making some yummy chocolates! These were so easy to do I just melted the chocolate in the microwave (if you put a cup of water into the microwave next to the bowl of chocolate wafers the chocolate melts more evenly and the bowl doesn’t get hot to the touch) then just spooned the chocolate into the molds, refrigerated it for half an hour & they popped right out! I used little Belgian dark chocolate wafers so they were extra yummy!

Whatever you decide to do with your little one, enjoy the Easter season!!  Now, to get ready for the Easter egg hunt 😉

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