Arizona Fun with a Little One!

When my little guy was 9 months old we took him on a trip to Phoenix, Arizona. It was definitely an adventure but a fun one! This post is all about our trip with some tips & ideas about both traveling with a little one as well as some cool things to check out if you’re in Arizona with a kiddo.

Where to Stay

Picking a good resort is so important when you’re traveling with a little one! We always look for a spot with a good pool, a nice area for walking around & on-site dining options. That way, if you want to have a day where you just hang at the hotel it’s totally possible & still lots of fun!

Desert Botanical Gardens


The Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix are amazing! The gardens themselves are stunning & they have lots of different areas and exhibits that are both educational & entertaining. My little guy absolutely loved the butterfly garden. It was amazing to see him so interested in something like that at such a young age. One thing to keep in mind, it gets very hot at the gardens around 3PM so if you’re taking a little one be sure to go early 😊



Sedona is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and although it is a bit of a drive from Phoenix it is certainly worth it. The Chapel on the Rock is an amazing site to see but it is up a pretty steep hill so if you have a little one a baby carrier is your best option. Also, make sure to get there for either breakfast or lunch, there are tons of cute restaurants many of which have an awesome view of the red rock mountains. 



So, we had to do the total tourist thing and visit Tombstone when we were in Arizona! It was a cute little town & had some fun things to see & do. The battle of the O.K. Corral was particularly entertaining especially since my little guy felt compelled to cry every time the audience booed the bad guys 😂. The fake gun shots didn’t bother him but the boos made him lose it! So, we had to let him meet the bad guys after the show so he could see everyone was alright 😉. One thing to mention, make sure you bring your passports if you’re visiting Tombstone, it is very near the Mexico border & we were asked for ID when we were coming back. We totally weren’t prepared for that and were lucky to have them on us!

The Phoenix Zoo


The Phoenix Zoo is a great place to take a little one. It has really great exhibits that are inhabited by tons of different animals many of which are endangered. My little guy really loved the Elephants, Flamingos and Mountain Goats. It’s definitely worth the trip if you’re visiting Phoenix. Just remember, it gets really hot mid-day so go early 😊

Papago Park


When we arrived in Phoenix we had a list of things we wanted to do but we also wanted to ask some locals what they would recommend.  If was amazing how many people told us to visit Papago Park.  So, we decided to give it a go! Papago Park is definitely a spot worth checking out!  It’s just around the corner from the Zoo and Botanical Gardens and with trails, a lake & Hunt’s Tomb  there is certainly lots to take in.  The Hole-in the -Rock is definitely the centre piece of the park and it’s really something to see! Just keep in mind, this is for sure a place where you will want to use  a baby carrier 🙂

The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is spectacular! I’m so glad we took the time to see it but I really wish we hadn’t tried to go from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon & back in one day with a baby 🤦. It was a loooong drive which is fine for adults but not so great for an infant. If you are taking a little one it might be worth staying the night somewhere near the Canyon. Plus, the line to get into the park is CRAZY and finding parking is next to impossible so I feel we had to rush our visit a bit since we knew we had a long drive back. Also, make sure you check the weather for Grand Canyon because it is very different to Phoenix & we were totally not prepared!

Funny story, when my son was this age he used to have a yell/cry that made him sound like an angry cat. Well, he was in full angry cat mode as we wandered around the edge of the Canyon. We passed a few hikers that were looking concerned so we asked them what was wrong. They told us they thought there was an injured cat near by and were searching for it. Just then my little guy let out one of his angry cat yells. The hikers laughed when they realized the injured cat they were looking for was actually just an angry baby. It’s funny the things you remember 😉

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