Top Toddler Attractions- Disneyland Park

Navigating a theme park with a toddler can be a little intimidating!  Here is a list of my fav toddler attractions (and ones to avoid) if you’re visiting Disneyland in California.  Make sure to check back next week for my Top Toddler Attractions at Disney’s California Adventure Park.

Must Dos!


My little guy’s fav ride hands down!  With just the right amount of toddler friendly thrills Dumbo is must.  The fact that you can customize it to be more (or less) thrilling as you ride makes it the perfect ride for your little one.

Finding Nemo Submarine


This is a great slow moving ride that is truly magical as your little one will feel like they are diving deep into the ocean and seeing some of their fav characters come to life.  This is an enclosed attraction so if you (or your little one) has issues with tight spaces it might be one to avoid.

It’s a Small World

 I know, I know! The ride is long, the song is annoying & the visuals are just OK…but toddlers LOVE IT! I would pick this ‘It’s a Small World’ over WDW because they have incorporated characters from their movies into the attraction which is fun for you and your little one to spot.

 Try to fit in!

 The awesome theme rides in Fantasyland!!


These rides are great with relatively quick waits and lots of awesome imagery so go on as many as possible with your little one if you can find the time.

-Alice in Wonderland

-Peter Pan (has the longest wait of the entire group so might be a skip)

-Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

-Winnie the Pooh

-Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

Family favorites & Classics!


These are the rides you’ve been on a million times before & don’t have any height restrictions so your toddler can enjoy them with you.

-Haunted Mansion

-Pirates of the Caribbean

-Jungle Cruise


Casey Jr Circus Train

 My little guy liked the Casey Jr train but he didn’t love it enough to justify the long wait.  There is only one train that goes around the track so even a relatively short line takes awhile to get through.  If your little one isn’t great at waiting it might be best to skip 😉

Storybook Land Canal boats


 This is another that is worth doing if you can basically walk on but I wouldn’t wait in a long line for.  The boat ride is fun, it’s nice to see all of the miniature worlds, but it’s really hard to hear the descriptions between the fast talking, poor mics and exterior noise.


 Truth be told, I took my little guy on all of the rides I’m saying to skip and he was totally fine.  So, use your judgment.  If your little one goes on lots of rides & doesn’t get scared easily then definitely give the below a try!

-Pinocchio (way darker & scarier than I remember the movie being!)

-Snow White’s Scary Adventure (the name says it all!)

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