#payfunforward week one: Surprise Mail

Today we launched our new initiative, #payfunforward.

#payfunforward is all about doing something nice for someone else for no reason other than a smile.  Every Monday we will be doing a new activity so make sure to check here to see what we did & how you can do the same.  Also, if you do decide to participate, make sure you tag us so that we can share some!

Surprise Mail

Our first activity is sending out a surprise in the mail to some random names we found in the phonebook!

We started by going to Starbucks and buying four $5 gift cards, one per person.  We then went to Walmart and bought a pack on blank greeting cards.

We filled out the info for the gift card and wrote this note inside the cards…

Here’s a gift just to say, we hope you have a great day!

If this put a smile on your face, pass it on! #payfunforward

Next we sealed up the envelopes and went to the phonebook.  We closed our eyes and pointed to four names in the phonebook & wrote one name on each envelope.

Lastly, we added a stamp & walked them to the mailbox!

Here’s hoping these will make someone smile 🙂

Want to do this for free?

#payfunforward can be done by anyone, here’s how to do this for free 🙂

Get a piece on construction paper and have your little one draw a picture inside & include the note…

Here’s something just to say, we hope you have a great day!

If this put a smile on your face, pass it on! #payfunforward

Then, rather than mailing them out leave them on the front porch of some neighbours to give them a smile.

Make sure to check back next Monday to see how we are paying fun forward!




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