Coloring in the tub? Sounds fun!

Last night my little guy tried out Crayola Bathtub markers and man are they fun! Here’s my full review.


The Markers

The Markers themselves were a good size big enough for my little guy to be able to hold them properly but not too big that they were awkward.  They also had a good shape so that they didn’t slip out of his wet hands.



The Marker colors were surprisingly vibrant and fun. When you first opened them the tops appear white but as soon as you apply some pressure on a surface the colour starts to flow. The harder you press the more color comes out. My little guy had to work pretty hard to get the colors flowing at first but was fine once he got the hang of it.



Since they are made for the bathtub they are very watery (which makes sense) so if you press too hard they start to run down the tub and as soon as a little water hits the design it starts to disappear (yay) and the markers themselves don’t drip color which is awesome. I was worried that once they started to flow they might get messy.

Clean Up

Clean up couldn’t have been easier (or more fun) we splashed some water on the side of the tub and in moments the markers started to disappear and with a little bit of rubbing the designs were totally gone.

Yay or Nay?

I would say these are a yay for sure!  Just make sure your little one is old enough to realize that these are special bathtub markers and that not all markers should be used on the walls ;).


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