Toddler Fun at the Ontario Science Centre

Today we spent the day exploring the Ontario Science Centre with our little guy.  He had such a blast and it was a great educational outing.  Here are some of our thoughts.

Kid Spark

The Kid Spark area is a must if you have a little one under the age of 8.  There are so many great exhibits for little ones to interact with from color walls to water tables.  This is a great place to allow your little one to let loose and explore in a safe, hands on environment.  One thing to note, it does get pretty crowded at the most popular exhibits (like the bubbles and water table) but there are also lots of other exhibits to check out to keep your little one from getting impatient.

Omnimax Imax theatre

While visiting we had the chance to see the ‘A Beautiful Planet’ movie at the Imax theatre. Wow, was this an amazing experience!  This Imax theatre is a full dome and you really feel immersed within the amazing images.  The beautiful images also worked well to lull my little guy to sleep which was great because his mid-day snooze allowed us to continue enjoying the Science Centre without a meltdown.  One thing to mention, if you have a little one with sensory sensitivity I probably wouldn’t recommend this experience as it would be quite overwhelming.

The Living Earth & Human Edge

These were definitely two areas my little guy loved!  The Living Earth included an awesome (and humid) Rain Forest section as well as nature displays and information on recycling and how energy works. That very cool T-Rex is all made out of recycled materials.


The Human Edge was also really interesting and had lots of engaging activities for my little guy.  He really liked seeing how everything worked and the neat skeletal exhibits.


Weston Family Innovation Centre

Was this exhibit ever fun!  There were so many cause and effect experiments and opportunities to really get involved in the activities.  One very cool exhibit was a pulse activated light display.  You hold onto a bar which sends lights traveling up to a vibrant display at the top (it almost looked like fireworks)  My little guy loved it 🙂  Between that, and the travelling bubbles this section certainly kept him entertained.


Educational fun everywhere!

The Ontario Science Centre is certainly a place where you want to make sure you don’t miss a section.  Even the halls have fun interactive displays to try out.  If you have a little one I would definitely recommend this as a great way to have a fun-ducational day!



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