#payfunforward: Done with it? Donate it!

For today’s #payfunforward we are going through my little guy’s toys and clothes and donating anything that he has outgrown or no longer uses.  Sounds easy?  Well, it’s not! Especially when your little one somehow has grown a massive attachment to each and everything you want to get rid of.  Here’s some tips to help make things a little easier on both of you 😉

The Idea

As an adult, cleaning out your cupboards and donating things you no longer use/want is a nice cathartic experience. As a kid, not so much but there are ways to make it a bit more fun!

Donating Clothes

When it comes to clothes, getting rid of the ones that don’t fit is (relatively) easy!  The first thing I did was go through my little guy’s drawer and pull out any clothes that have a size smaller than the size he’s currently wearing.  Then I actually look at the clothes and eyeball whether or I think they will still fit him (it’s amazing how sizes differ from brand to brand). Once I’ve made my pile of clothes to be donated I let my little guy have a quick look and pick out one shirt he really wants to keep (so he feels included) and have him help me load the clothes into the bag so he knows they are really gone.


Bye Bye Toys!

Clothes are one thing but getting rid of toys is a whole other story! It’s really hard to rationalize with a toddler at the best of time let alone when you’re trying to convince them to give up their toys. I started by having him choose 5 toys he was ok to lose then I chose 5, then he chose 5 then I chose 5.  This went back and forth until I felt we had a big enough pile of toys to donate. I then gave my little guy the option of 3 toys (any 3!) he still wanted to keep.  Once he chose his 3 we said ‘bye bye’ to the toys and it was off to donate.


Good luck 🙂


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