Toddler fun at Universal Studios-Hollywood

If you’ve taken a toddler to Universal Studios Orlando you know that there are tons of great rides and activities for your little one.  Well, Universal Studios Hollywood is a little different. It’s a much smaller park and doesn’t have nearly as many activities for your little one.  But, we did manage to have an awesome day with our toddler, here’s how!

Carnival Games

There are lots of awesome carnival games in both the Simpsons area and in the Despicable Me, ‘Super Silly Fun Land’.  I know it’s an additional charge on an already expensive day to play the games but if you choose the right games you will definitely win a prize and your toddler will love it!

Go for any game that has a prize every time (like the ‘ring the bell’ game near the Simpsons ride) and games that require the least amount of skill.  Throwing bean bags to pop balloons is an easy win 😉

If you manage to win a game or two you will actually come out ahead as the prizes are the exact same items they sell in the gift shop and the price of playing a game is considerably less!

Fun Water Play parks

There is an AMAZING run through fountain in the centre of the park where the water jumps and spouts.  My little guy loved it and it didn’t require him getting really wet or having to change into swimwear.

There’s also an awesome little water park in ‘Super Silly Fun Land’ but this is the kind of park where you’ll want to make sure you’ve brought your kiddo a bathing suit (and waterproof foot wear!)



Well, there aren’t too many rides for your little one in this park, sadly.  The only real toddler friendly ride is the one in ‘Super Silly Fun Land’ but luckily it has a very short line!  If you are planning on going on rides yourself makes sure to utilize the rider swap option to avoid waiting in long lines twice.



The animal actors show is so fun!  And it’s short & sweet 😉 If your little one loves animals this is a great place to rest for a few minutes and see a very fun show full of hilarious animals.  There are other show options so make sure to check the park map.


Character Meet & Greets

Unlike Disney, Character Meet & Greets is not a top draw. So, it’s easy to meet tons of fun characters with very minimal wait times.  When we went we met the Minions, Gru & his daughters and almost all of the Simpsons characters.  This is a great way to fill some time especially if you are waiting for someone to ride a ride 😉


Well, there you go! Universal Studios Hollywood is a different theme park for taking toddlers to but it’s still a blast to visit. Have fun!!

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