#payfunforward Got something nice to say? Write it in chalk!

For this week’s #payfunforward we took a pack of sidewalk chalk and wandered the neighborhood leaving nice messages as we passed.

What you need

This is such an easy #payfunforward activity! All you need is some sidewalk chalk and about half an hour of free time!


What we did

The first thing we did was pick a route that we knew had some great places to leave a fun message.  Then, we decided on the 1/2 dozen messages we wanted to leave.  We set out on our walk and stopped at every corner to leave one of our feel good messages.  Some of these were words, others pictures.

Short and Sweet!

Because we used sidewalk chalk we knew these messages wouldn’t last long and that’s part of what makes it fun! This is even something you can do every week or once a month as it’s a great way to get outside for a walk, a nice way to brighten someone else’s day and a whole lot of fun!


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