Creating a Summer Fun Must-Do List!

Now that it’s June we have entered that glorious season of summer! For most families this is a busy time of year with kid’s camps, vacations & weekend BBQs.

But, it’s also one of the best times of year to get out and enjoy local attractions and day trips.  If you’re like me, you have your fav day trip destinations that become a go-to when you don’t have any specific plans, which is awesome and can also get a bit boring ;).

It’s funny, when you are planning a vacation one of the first things you do is research local activities and must dos.  But, when it’s your hometown you tend to just go with what you know rather than adventure too far outside your comfort zone. So, here’s my challenge to you, be a tourist in your own city this summer and do things you’ve never done before!

How to get started

Go online to TripAdvisor and other sites and look up top activities in your city and beyond. Ask family & friends what activities they enjoy with their little ones, maybe they have a fav you’ve never heard of!  Next, decide a distance that you are willing to travel (maybe it’s 1.5 hours, maybe more!) and put down names of activities within that radius you think your family might enjoy.


Divide your activities into good weather and bad weather activities so that you have options rain or shine.

Next look at your calendar for dates that look like they are open for day trips and jot down an indoor & outdoor activity on each of those days. It’s amazing how much more likely you are to actually follow through and do the activities if you’ve put it in your calendar!


Once you’ve done that leave the remaining activities in a list in case a day frees up or for some reason one of the activities you’ve planned for just isn’t going to work.

Get excited and enjoy!

One of the best things about preplanning is the opportunity for your little one to get excited! When a new activity is coming up you can research it together and make a note of things you definitely want to do when you’re there.

Once you’ve finished your new activity you can decide as a family if it’s one that you want to do again or not. Some activities are a one time only and others are an every year tradition, hopefully you will find some new fun family traditions this summer!!

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