#payfunforward Summer Fun- Surprise Packs!

The weather has finally started to warm up and it definitely feels like summer is in the air.  So, to celebrate the soon to be end of school & start of summer we put together summer fun gift bags to distribute around our neighbourhood. Here’s how we did it and how you can do it too!

Visit your fav Dollar Store 


The first thing you need to do is buy a variety of items for your summer fun gift bags.  I wanted to make sure that each gift bag had a few really fun items so the dollar store was the best place to go.  I looked for items that I could buy in bulk and set myself a $15 limit. Well, I managed to get a great variety of awesome items for just $14.50!

Write a note


‘Summer time has just begun! Get outside and have some fun! #payfunforward’

I grabbed clear bags so that the recipients could easily see what is inside and so that I could leave a note on the front letting them know what the intention of the  summer fun gift bag. The hope, with any of these activities, is that people will feel inspired to do something similar for others.

Create your Gift Bags

I started by laying out everything to see exactly what I had and how many gift bags I thought I would be able to create.  I decided four was the perfect amount. Not every bag would be identical (and that’s ok!) but I felt I could make four pretty great gift bags.  I also wanted to make sure there was enough of a variety  in each bag that there would be something for everyone in case there were multiple children that lived in the home or a large age gap between them.

Deliver the Goodies!


This is the best part! We loaded up the wagon with the summer fun gift bags and my little guy and took off around the neighbourhood.  We wanted to make sure we found houses with kids so we looked for signs like bikes & toys.  It didn’t take us very long to find four houses in our immediate neighbourhood to deliver our gift bags to, hopefully the kiddies that live there have fun!

We had so much with with this activity and it was quick and easy to do. If you have $15 dollars and a spare hour consider making some summer fun packs to deliver around your neighbourhood to help celebrate the start of the season!




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