How to make Prep & Clean Up as fun as Finger painting!

Every kid loves finger painting (well, every kid I know anyways) but there’s a lot more to finger painting then just the actual 10 minutes your little one will spends spreading colourful paint around a piece of paper (and hopefully nowhere else! )  So, we decided to find a way to make prep & clean up just as fun, here’s how!

Prep time!

I like to get my little guy involved right from the start.  First I have him choose the colours he wants to use. Today’s choice was blue, red & yellow.  Then, I have him help me put the colours into a sectioned plate so that each colour at least begins separate. Although, that doesn’t last for long!

Next, I have him decide what paper he wants to use.  Today he wanted to just use a plain piece of paper, fine by me!


Lastly, I get him to put on his smock and hop in his seat so the fun can begin!


Finger Painting fun!

This section is a no brainer! I hand my little guy his plate of paint and let him go to it creating anything he wants and mixing the colours however he sees fit.  I like to use the biggest piece of paper possible to keep my table clean. At least the paint is washable because accidents happen!


Clean up time!

In some ways, I think cleanup time is his fav part! While he’s finishing his painting I fill the sink with water, toys and bubbles and let him play his way clean! This is such a great way to incorporate water play into getting clean. Once the water is no longer warm I have him help me put all of his toys away as I empty sink.  I love when a messy activity ends in good clean fun!

So, next time you are planning a craft activity with your little try and  to include them in both the prep & clean up and make it as fun as possible 🙂

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