Travel Tip Tuesday- How family friendly is your vacation? Check for a Kids Club!

When you are travelling with a little one ensuing that you are going to a family friendly resort or location is so important.  Many places claim to be kid friendly but when you really look into it they are more ‘tolerant’ of children but don’t necessarily cater to them. Here’s a few ways to tell if you are really going on a truly kid friendly vacation.

Start with the Airline 


Kids can fly on any airline but some are far more kid friendly than others. Sometimes you need to pick an airline based on location or flight times but if you are open make sure you look into any perks they may offer for kids to make the flight a little easier & in some cases cheaper!

Airtransat is an amazing Airline for their kid friendliness.  If your little one joins their kids club they get a bunch of perks including a reduced fee for pre-booked seats, some in flight snack coupons, a fun badge & luggage tags and best of all a priority check-in line for the entire family!  Not every airline offers perks like this but it never hurts to ask.

Check out the hotel


Before you book a resort or hotel visit their website and look for a kid’s club section (they all call it something different but kid’s club is the basic idea).  If they have one, great! If not you might want to check the amenities for kid friendliness.  Generally, if they have a kid’s club this means that they will have kid friendly facilities (like parks and pools) and might even offer activities throughout the day and possibly baby sitting services.

If they do offer activities throughout the day make sure to check the schedule and note ones you think your little one might enjoy. These activities range from pool side games to crafts & story times.  They definitely help to make trip fun for your little one and also provide a bit of structure to the day.

Dining Options


This is especially important if you are visiting an all-inclusive resort.  Make sure you check for meal times (some don’t start dinner in their restaurants until after 6PM which is pretty late for some little ones) dress code & if they have any restrictions on the age in the dining room. One good way to know quickly is to check and see if they offer a kid’s menu, if they do then they not only allow kids, they welcome them.  This will make your dining experience much more enjoyable for everyone.

Attractions in the area

The area you book in is almost as important as the hotel you decide to stay in.  When you are looking for a place to visit be sure you look at the surrounding vicinity for kid friendliness.  You want to be able to leave the hotel & explore the area but if there’s nothing around other than shopping & bars your little one will not enjoy any of your day trips.  This doesn’t necessarily mean changing your vacation destination but rather making sure you choose a hotel that’s closer to some attractions you might want to visit.  An example of this was when we went to Mexico.  We opted to stay in Riviera Maya near a number of fun attractions & eco parks rather than in Cancun.  Both offered many of the same hotel & beach amenities but by being in Riviera Maya we were much closer to kid friendly fun!

So remember, don’t just assume every place is kid friendly.  Check online for reviews and do your own research.  There’s nothing worse than getting to a resort only to discover your little has nothing to do.  Also, take your friend’s reviews seriously, if they’ve been to a place you are thinking about going be sure to ask because first hand experiences are the best way to know what a place is really like.

Have fun!

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