The Best Lines to wait in at Magic Kingdom

When you are visiting a theme park (especially Magic Kingdom!) waiting in lines is inevitable if you want to go on some of the top attractions.  This is by far the least exciting part of the day but getting on the rides is usually worth the wait!  With fast passes you can plan your day and guarantee a short wait on at least a few attractions but since you are going to have to wait in a few lines, here are some of my favs!

Haunted Mansion

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Haunted Mansion is one of my favourite rides! I go on it at least once during every trip to Magic Kingdom. The line generally moves quite fast but even if it doesn’t there’s a ton of fun to be had while you are waiting.  The queue takes you through an interactive area where you get to interact with book shelves, musical instruments & even coffins. There is plenty to keep you occupied while you wait and to be honest, waiting is half the fun! If you have a little one this is a great place to allow them to play & touch all of the different items.  There’s a bunch of hidden things too so make sure you touch everything!

Winnie the Pooh


Winnie the Pooh is one of those classic rides that your little one will want to go on over and over again.  The line is generally never that long (usually under 25 minutes) but like Haunted Mansion, the queue is half of the fun!  While waiting in line your little one will get to play with a bunch of interactive stations as they move through the hundred acre wood on their way to the ride.  Then, once they are almost at the ride they will get the chance to play with the honey on Pooh’s honey wall revealing lots of fun characters & surprises.  This line always flies by and does an awesome job of keeping my little guy happily entertained.

Peter Pan


Peter Pan is a fan favourite and always has a crazy long wait time (usually over 90 minutes) and is one of the first rides to be out of fast passes.  Well, Disney clearly took this into consideration as they recently updated the queue to include an awesome tour portion where you get to take a closer look at the Darling House amongst other things. This is still one I would probably get a fast pass for if possible but if you do have to wait in line there are lots of fun things to enjoy along the way to keep your little one entertained.

Pirates of the Caribbean 


I love Pirates of the Caribbean and I love wandering through the queue on the way to the actual ride. This ride can really vary in wait times, sometimes we walk right on, sometimes we wait over 30 minutes.  But, this is a line where you never stop moving and there’s something new to see around every corner.  Even if you get to walk straight on the ride make sure to take a moment to look around.  There are so many cool things to see & discover.



Dumbo is one of my little guy’s fav rides & it’s also one with the best waiting systems for little ones!  When you get into line you are given a buzzing disc (like at a restaurant) and your little one is free to run around and play in the indoor playground until your disc goes off. You literally never wait in line for more than 5 minutes and your little one gets the added fun of running around at playing at the circus playground.

So, if you can avoid waiting in lines, do it!! But, if you have to wait in a few these would be my suggestions because keeping a toddler (and yourself!) interested while waiting for a ride isn’t always the easiest thing to do 😉

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