Great Wolf Lodge- Tips, Tricks & All The Fun!

For my little guy’s Birthday we decided to skip the party and spend a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge (GWL) and it was so much fun! We were so glad we decided to spend our money on a weekend away rather than a birthday party.  Here’s the inside scoop on all the fun!

Arrival & Check-in at Great Wolf Lodge

Checking in to any hotel is never a fun process but some places definitely make it easier than others!  The Great Wolf Lodge  location we went too had the front doors blocked with construction so we had to enter from a side door.  Well, I got lost at first (guess I shouldn’t follow random people and assume they know where they are going lol) but once I got to the lobby it was fast and easy.

We arrived at 1PM (because that was the time we could start using the Water park) even though our room wasn’t going to be ready until around 4PM. Luckily, they were able to text me the room number once ready so no having to return to the desk to check (such a nice touch).

We received wrist bands for everyone in our group that would serve as our admission to the water park and key to our hotel room, I LOVED this features! One of the worst parts about visiting a pool or water park at a hotel is worrying about your room key so this totally solved that problem!


The Water Park

Well, the water park was amazing!! There literally was something for everyone here’s a breakdown of some of the fun!

For Little ones

If you are coming with a tiny one, there is plenty that they can enjoy and you can enjoy with them. There’s a multi level splash pad with dumping buckets, water spouts and more.  If your little one isn’t overly adventurous there is also an area with gentle water spouts and just a little water on the floor to play with.

Next to that there’s also a wading pool which also has some water spouts as well as slides for little ones.  My little guy loved these slides!! There were four to choose from that ranged from gentle to mildly intense, he went on all of them lol.

There was also an outdoor splash pad area but the water was cooooold! So, we didn’t use that for very long.

Fun for the whole Family

This was where Great Wolf Lodge really excelled!  There was a wave pool that had waves that went on for a surprisingly long time. It was great for the whole family even if you just wanted to sit at the shallowest part with your little one and let the waves gently splash them.

The lazy river is also a family fav!  This is such a fun little ride that is gentle enough for your littlest ones and fun enough for your big kids to enjoy just watch out for the dumping buckets if you don’t want to get splashed!

The indoor swimming pool was also a ton of fun! The best part was the oversized ‘logs & lily pads’ that little ones could float on or big kids could play on, there was even a couple of basketball nets which many people seemed to enjoy.

Lastly, there was a little obstacle course where you stepped across moving floating lily pads and used overhead ropes to move you along, this looked fun but we never actually tried it.

And of course, the large outdoor pool, simple but lots of fun!

Big kids and Adults

There are a TON of awesome water slides at GWL! When you get there, make sure you get your kids measured as they will be given a wrist band that shows which attractions they can go on.  All of them are color coded so it’s super easy to tell.  We went on a lot of the different water slides and they were all fun! Some are designed for younger kids and are pretty gentle while others are intense. I went on one where you stand in a tube and the floor drops out from under you and sends you rocketing to the end of the slide…it was a little crazy lol.

Fun in the Lobby

The Lobby is such a great place to check out and it has an awesome animatronic show going on all day including a Moose, Wolves and other characters, it really is magical.  Plus, it’s also the spot for tons of great daily activities take place  throughout the day. We managed to catch a dance party as well as story time.  My little guy had a blast!  The dance party is a great way to help your kiddos get some energy out and story time is a great way to help them relax.  Make sure to check out at least a couple of activities while you’re there!

Other Awesome Activities

As fun as the water park is you might need to find some other activities to break up the day.  Luckily, GWL has lots of options there including a mini-putt, arcade & bowling alley.  There’s also a kid friendly spa & Magi-Quest adventure game if you are looking for something a little different to try out.

There’s also a spot called ‘Cub Club’ which is an adult supervised kid only spot if you or your kiddos are looking for a break from each other ;). They have activities throughout the day as well as a PJ party at night if parent’s are hoping to have a quiet dinner or possibly take on some of the bigger water slides on their own.

Food and Dining Options

If you are planning on eating breakfast, lunch & dinner there it might be worthwhile to look into the Great Wolf Lodge dining package. We didn’t go for it but it might make sense for you!  All meals are either buffet or quick service which totally works. We had the buffet dinner which had a great variety, everyone was able to find something they enjoyed. The pool side meal options weren’t awesome (burgers, fries, pizza) but I get it.  People seemed to be enjoying the food & the prices were pretty reasonable.

It was really hard to find somewhere to sit and eat at lunch time but the dining room staff was nice enough to let us sit in the empty section of the dining room and enjoy our lunch. This was soooo appreciated especially because we were traveling with young kids so eating on our laps wasn’t going to be fun.

The Rooms

GWL rooms aren’t cheap but they’re large, clean & really quite nice.  I would probably recommend going with another family ( you can get a larger room for less per family if you share) or going on a weekday as the prices are considerably less.  Another thing to look out for is deals.  There is always a promo going on so if you are flexible with your dates you can get a pretty good price!

Well, that’s it!  We had an awesome time and will certainly be going back. And, just a reminder that this review is totally unbiased & is not sponsored or endorsed by GWL in any way. Hope it was helpful!






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