Why I Love Disney Photopass and you will too!

Before my little guy I was that person who avoided the theme park photographers at all costs.  I had absolutely no interest in posing for a picture that I knew I wasn’t going to pay for and, in most cases, wasn’t even going to bother looking at. I still avoid photographers at other theme parks but now I understand why people love Disney Photopass photographers.

Character Pictures

When you’ve waited in line to meet a Character the last thing you want to do is worry that you aren’t going to get a good picture of your little one with their fav character.  The Disney photographers are awesome at catching all of the special moments between your little one (or you) and the character.  They will, of course, take a picture using your camera or phone but you will miss out on those cute unposed moments.  Here’s one of my FAV pictures they captured of my little guy and I on our way to meet BAYMAX then of course with BAYMAX. These are the moments that are easy to miss but amazing to have.

Magic Shots

If you haven’t tried a magic shot at Disney I highly suggest you do! We do them everywhere they’re offered because they are so much fun! Some are animated and others are just characters added to a picture but ,they really add some serious ‘magic’ to your pictures. If you aren’t sure which photographers offer magic shots feel free to ask them, if they don’t they will steer you to one that does.  This is one of my favs!


Fun Photo Frames

Not only are the pictures themselves fun but with your Photopass pictures you get the options of adding different frames to your images. Pictures in certain locations show you the frame option when you first view the images and others you have to look for. I don’t opt for the frames all of the time but sometimes it’s fun to add a little something extra to your fav pic! Here’s the same picture with and without the frame.

On-Ride Pictures

Ok, these aren’t for everyone but sometimes the on-ride pictures are too good not to get! And with your magic band you can always add them to your picture library then decide later if you really want them but at least the option is there.


Memory Maker

Ok, so I’ve told you about all of the awesome picture options but at the price per picture you could go broke getting them all. Well, Disney clearly wants you to end up leaving with as many pictures as possible so they started a service called Memory Maker.  Basically, you pay one price for every picture taken during your vacation and if you pay for it at least two weeks before you arrive it’s $30 less. Plus, the same Memory Maker can even be used by all members of your group as long as they scan their magic band connected to the group account after the picture is taken.  Then at the end of your vacation you get at download every picture to keep, it’s honestly awesome.  And your Memory Maker pictures even come with some really nice stock photos of the characters and the parks which make great prints or screen savers.


Hopefully you found my Disney Photopass info helpful and, as always this is not sponsored or endorsed by Disney.  I just do it because I like to ;).


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