Why do we take our little guy everywhere? There’s so many reasons!

Before we had our little guy my husband and I were avid travellers.  Our love of travel was something we hoped to pass on to our son so we decided to include him in our travel from a very young age.  Granted, we’ve tamed our travel in the last few years but we have continued to explore and enjoy the world and, as he gets older,  we hope we to expand our travel a little more once again.  Here are some of the reasons why we having been taking our little guy on our travel adventures since he was just a baby.

Getting used to Travel and Flying 


The idea of flying can be quite intimidating for a little one and the older they get the harder it is for them to take their first flight.  We took our little guy on his first flight when he was just 6 months old.  He did pretty good, considering his age, and every flight since then has gotten better and better. Now, he sees flying as part of the fun and isn’t intimidated by the idea of being on a plane at all. He’s learned that if he’s getting on a plane then fun is ahead which is definitely the right way to look at it.  Not everyone is going to take their 6 month old on a flight, I totally get that, but, the sooner you can introduce them to air travel the less scary it will be.

Exploring and Appreciating other Cultures


This is something that has always been really important to me and we are slowly starting to introduce our little guy to broader and broader locations.  He’s still too young to really understand a lot of the cultural aspects of travel but by taking him to different countries and touring things with historical and cultural significance we are at least introducing him to that kind of travel.  Our hope is that as he gets older he will want to join us on some more adventurous travel and be willing to explore the world with us.

Fun Family Bonding Time


This is a no brainer!  Vacation time is an awesome time for family bonding. We have so much fun on our family adventures.  It’s such a great time to let loose and have fun together without the regular routine getting in the way.  We are constantly trying to find new ways to make memories with our little guy and vacations are our fav way to do it!

New and Exciting Adventures


When you travel to new countries and cities there are so many new things for little ones to explore.  My little guy loves fish and underwater life so we make a point of visiting aquariums every where we go.  We always do some research before we arrive to look into places with think might be an exciting experience for our little guy.  It’s so amazing for him to see each city’s take on his favourite activities.

Remember, vacations don’t have to be big & expensive, check this trip out for some inspiration!  Just spending time together as a family will have a huge impact on your little one and your family’s relationship.  If you think back to your childhood I can almost guarantee that you will remember a lot more family vacations than you will toys :). So, no matter where you go and what you do make sure you take time to have fun, together!





4 thoughts on “Why do we take our little guy everywhere? There’s so many reasons!”

  1. We don’t travel loads but we do try to get at least one holiday abroad each year and that didn’t change when we had children. I agree – get them on the plane earlier rather than later. It’s not scary it’s exciting. ❤️

    1. travelswithtotsblog says:

      Which is so nice! And makes traveling more fun for everyone 😊

  2. sarottinghaus says:

    I think riding in the car or long distances also goes along with riding in a plane! My parents took me on far away trips when we were little and as we grew older, it wasn’t a big deal anymore!

    1. travelswithtotsblog says:

      Absolutely! Just getting your little one used to the idea of patiently traveling goes a long way 😊

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