Disney Cruise with a Toddler- Tips, tricks and fun!

Cruising is one of my all time fav ways to travel! You get to see lots of different places in a short period of time and without having to pack & re-pack your luggage!

When we had our little guy we thought we wouldn’t be going on another cruise until he was much older. That was, until we started really looking into it. Β It’s amazing how many cruise lines are actually quite kid friendly!


One of the first things to consider when looking into a cruise line is staterooms. The Disney Cruise Line offers well designed, spacious staterooms at a competitive rate. Two of my fav things about the rooms are the fact that with a basic ocean view room you get a fantastic window and that there is a sitting room separated by a curtain.

We got our little guy a pack-n-play (make sure to reserve one before you go as they have limited numbers onboard) and put it in the sitting area which became his bedroom. Another great feature of the room is the fact that the washroom has a tub not just a shower stall. On many cruise lines this is only a feature in upgraded rooms and with little guys it makes life so much easier! Lastly, If your little one is in diapers make sure to ask for a diaper genie! You’ll appreciate it in the small space πŸ˜‰



Dining is such a huge part of cruising. Good food and good service is something you come to expect from cruising and Disney blew us away in both areas! Every restaurant offered exceptional food in a fun themed environment and there were lots of delicious options for everyone.

The cruise worked on a two seating time system which meant we could have a guaranteed early dinner (which worked with my little guy’s schedule) and anyone without kids could enjoy a more relaxing later meal. Another amazing feature of the dining was that you had the same servers at all of the restaurants you rotated through (there were three restaurants that we took turns at). It was great because the servers got to know us and we got to know them. They even took the time to learn our likes & dislikes and were amazingly accommodating to my little one.

Character Meet & Greets


One of the BEST parts about a Disney cruise is all of the Disney fun that comes along with it. Like, character meet & greets! When you visit the theme parks character meet & greets often have long lines and are usually spread out around the park. But, on the cruise we were able to meet so many characters, mostly in the main atrium, where we could just go from one line to another! We never waited more than 10 minutes and we got to meet soooo many characters, including ones that we don’t often see in the parks (like Captain Hook & Mrs. Incredible).

Every morning we would check the schedule to see where and when the characters were going to be and stopped by to see the ones we were interested in. And, because there were always characters scheduled right before dinner we made it part of our routine. Who doesn’t like the idea of stopping to meet their fav character on the way to a yummy dinner!

Photo Packages

Part of the joy of cruising is being able to leave your phone in your room since you probably don’t have internet or phone service anyways! But, this means you don’t always have your phone at the ready to snap a pic. Luckily, like at Disney World, there are professional photographers around to help capture your memories.

At first I didn’t think it was worth it to pay for the photo package but after seeing some of the awesome pictures they got I decided to go for it! I left my phone in the room (most of the time) and left the photo snapping to the pros. We ended up with so many great shots, including group shots which are always nice to have! If you plan on doing character meet & greets on board it’s probably something worth looking into.

Splash Pads!

Something that I discovered just before we left for our cruise was that children in diapers (even swim diapers) aren’t allowed in pools on cruise ships. Yes, seriously. I was freaking out, my little guy loves swimming, how was I supposed to keep him out of the pool? Luckily, Disney Cruise Lines had considered this and put in an amazing splash pad specifically for toddlers. My little guy didn’t even realize he was missing out on the pool. So, if you’re taking your little one on a cruise make sure that the cruise ship you are going on has a toddler friendly splash pad. πŸ˜†

Days at Sea

Days at sea are a super fun way to get in some pure relaxation as well as enjoy the amenities the ship has to offer. We found so many great shows and activities on the Disney Wonder, there was literally something new to do every hour. Make sure you take the time to make a list of shows you want to try and catch on your days at sea but leave some pool time too! 😎

Pirate Parties!

Pirate party

Have you been to a ‘Pirates in the Caribbean’ party on a Disney cruise?? It is amazing!! The evening starts with a pirate themed dinner and photo ops (we met Jack Sparrow!) and ends with an amazing stage show and fire works. Definitely not an event to be missed, your little one (and you) will love it. The amazingly immersive shows and experiences are just one of the many things I love about Disney cruises.



One of the best parts about getting ready to go on a cruise is choosing your excursions. I love going through the list of different trips and picking the ones that sound most exciting or interesting. As we went through the excursion list for our Disney Cruise and started to pick things I realized I had to take a step back and think about what my little guy would really enjoy and be able to handle. This changed my perspective a bit πŸ˜‰. I went back through the list with that in mind and ended up changing many of my selections. I cut out anything that was site-seeing and switched to half day activities. This picture is from our trip to Martinique. My little guy absolutely loves flowers and nature so we chose to visit a botanical garden. He loved it and so did we! So remember, just because you are picking an activity that you think your little one will enjoy doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it too.

Fish Extenders on a Disney Cruise!

Have you ever heard of fish extenders? If you are going on a Disney Cruise make sure to look it up! Fish extenders are a great way to have some fun with other families on board and to receive a new little surprise every day. If you’re not into fish extenders you can always just bring fun magnetic decorations to put on your door. 😊

So, if you are planning a Disney Cruise you will LOVE IT. Make sure to leave a comment and tell me all about it!!


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