Travel Planning with Little Ones

There’s nothing I love more than travel planning!  Yes, there are some stressful aspects  but for the most part it’s all excitement.  Where will we go? What will we do? Where will we eat? These are all fun things to plan for before you head out on any kind of vacation, and great things to involve your little one in as well!

Where will we go?

This is probably the most fun thing to research. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a specific type of trip or area get your little one involved in looking into the hotel (or whatever your accommodations may be) and give them a real say in where you end up going.  You can of course edit the options to the top few places you are already ok with going to but letting them be involved in this step is huge!

What will we do?

Once we know where we are going I love to look into the area and pick out some fun activities and attractions that I think are worth checking out.  I usually make a long list of things I think everyone will enjoy then start to edit it down to the activities I realistically think we can fit in (and a couple of back ups). Once my short list is made it’s the perfect to bring my little guy in to look at the options and help me order them from our number one activity all the way down.  This lets him feel like he’s part of the decision making but I also know he isn’t going to pick an activity that it totally not doable or not really age appropriate for him.

Where will we eat?

This is something that can obviously decided at the last minute but it’s fun to look into local favourites and make a list of spots we want to dine at (even if it’s a really fun dessert place that deserves a visit!) If your little one is a picky eater this is also a good time to consult the menu of a few places you want to check out and make sure you see dishes you know your little on will enjoy.  Even let them pick out some food they are interested in so they know there will be something for them too!

Keep travel planning fun!

No matter where you are going and what you are doing try and involve your little one in the planning, it will make the experience a lot more fun for all of you! Looking for some tips for a successful family vacation? Here are my top five tips!



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