Disneyland Must Dos (even if you’ve done the Walt Disney World version)

There are a few attractions that are Disneyland must dos even if you’ve been on the Walt Disney World version. When we visited Disneyland in the spring I figured we could skip any attractions that were the same as ones that we could visit in Walt Disney World.  Well, we ended up with some extra time and thought we would give, Pirates of the Caribbean, a try and  am I ever glad we did! There were so many differences between the Disneyland and Walt Disney World version of the ride that I was shocked! Here are some of the ‘duplicate’ ride differences.

Pirates of the Caribbean 



I love the Walt Disney World version of Pirates of the Caribbean but the Disneyland version was way more epic! When you board the boat in Disneyland your journey begins in the bayou as you slowly travel along a section that is totally missing from the WDW version.  You then go down two drops as you head towards the land of the dead full of skeletons and eerie voices, this section also goes on for quite a bit longer with lots of extra sections and details.

Next, you head into the main section of the ride which is quite similar to the WDW version full of awesome animatronics and music. Lastly, you head into an extended jail cell scene that has a lot more detail and destruction than the WDW version (It is actually really awesome). Both rides end with Jack Sparrow sitting with his treasure as you head towards the boat docking station.  I definitely wouldn’t skip this ride (even if you’ve been on the WDW version hundreds of times) it is a Disneyland must do for sure!

Haunted Mansion 

I loooove Haunted Mansion, it is hands down my favourite ride.  I knew that Haunted Mansion at Disneyland had some differences to the version at WDW but I discovered even more as I went on the ride.  For starters, the style of the mansion is totally different, the facade of the house and the waiting area is quite different and there’s lot of new stuff to see and enjoy as you wait.

As you enter the mansion and go into the stretch room you will notice that the room actually moves.  The Disneyland version uses an actual elevator that takes you down to the ride area whereas the WDW version is just an illusion of movement.  As you make your way towards the Disneyland doom buggies you will notice that you are walking along what is actually the first section of the ride at WDW with the paintings that change before you eyes and the statues that watch your every move.  Throughout the actual ride you will notice subtle differences, including the famous hatbox ghost and a few other small touches! I actually slightly prefer the WDW version of this one but this is a Disneyland must do for sure!

It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World is one of those rides you have to do no matter how many times you’ve been on it.  I must admit, it wasn’t the first ride I waited in line for when we went to Disneyland but we did find the time to fit it in.

The ride itself starts outside (very different to the WDW version) and the part that I LOVED about this ride was that they actually found a way to work famous Disney characters into the various countries. So, if you do go on this ride make sure to take a moment and search each county for characters you know and love, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise was one that I didn’t notice the difference right away then, it hit me, you don’t go through a cave! You see basically the same animals (and hear the same jokes) but the layout of the ride and the order in which you come across things is very different.  You also remain outside the entire time rather than entering the ‘scary’ cave like in the WDW version.

Don’t miss Disneyland Must Dos!

These are just a few of the examples of Disneyland must dos that are actually more different than similar even though they share the same name and theme.  So, if you are visiting a different Disney theme park and see a ride you think you know…think again! It’s probably got some new surprises and is definitely worth checking out!


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