Try Traveling by Train!

Choosing a mode of transportation when you’re traveling with a little one is always a challenge.  Depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing driving or flying might be your only option. But, if you’re traveling to a destination that you can get to by train you might want to consider it, here’s a few reasons why!


Trains are fun!

If you’ve never taken your little one on a train, give it a try! Most kids absolutely love train rides as they offer great views, a gentle rocking motion and the freedom to move around relatively easily.

You can avoid so many headaches!

If you live in a heavily populated area like we do then traffic pretty much goes in every direction all of the time!  We find that taking the train (even just into the city) avoids so many headaches especially when we are taking out little guy with us.  With the train, we just show up at the scheduled time, board the train and are on our way. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve been stuck on many delayed or overly full trains but generally that’s still more pleasant than being stuck in stop and go traffic for hours on end with an impatient little one.

Great Value

In many respects driving is the cheapest way to travel but when you start to factor in gas and parking train rides start to make sense.  For us to take the train into the city it costs us $36 dollars (two adults round trip, my little guy is still free) to park is generally $30 and once you add in gas the price is pretty much the same.  Plus, if you start to look at taking the train even further it definitely ends up being cheaper especially if you are going a distance that would normally require staying at a hotel since sleeping on a train is usually an option.

Other benefits

Trains are usually fast, faster than cars at least, and offer many other great benefits.  Most have wifi available and many have food and drinks for purchase on board.  One of the BEST benefits is that every train also has a bathroom which definitely removes some added travel stress.

So, while trains aren’t always the best way to travel the are definitely worth considering especially if you are going somewhere with a little one.




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