KidloLand App Review

My little guy is definitely a kid who enjoys to play on a tablet.  Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t spend all of his time playing with apps but when he does I like to make sure the ones he uses are at least educational.

I was very excited when I was approached by the makers of Kidloland to review their educational app designed for children aged 1-5.  Here’s what my little guy (and I!) thought of it.

Menu and Interface

Kidloland has a very easy to navigate menu which makes it the ideal app to hand to a little one when you don’t have time to be constantly getting them out of a jam.  No matter what he clicked on it would lead him somewhere and the possibilities were virtually endless making it a very versatile app.


Within each main category there are TONS of different mini games & content to be downloaded.  I like that you download as you go so the app itself takes up very little space on any device.  One thing to mention, make sure you have downloaded lots of games, songs & stories prior to going anywhere as you will need to use the internet in order to access the content until it is downloaded.


So Many Options

After first downloading the app I handed it over to my little guy to let him navigate, I wanted to see what he gravitated towards and give him the opportunity to explore the app without my interference.

The first place he went was puzzles.  He was able to figure out how to download the puzzle he wanted and was very quickly putting it together.  He really liked that the puzzle had a few different stages to it (crack the eggs to find the pieces, assemble the puzzle, and a little animation once the puzzle was complete) and that were so many puzzles to choose from.


Next, he went straight to the Chompin’ Monster games.  These were such a fun combination of a story and a game.  He needed a bit more help with this one but I didn’t mind since it showed me there was still lots of room for him to grow within the app.


Fun and Educational!

Once I had let him get comfortable with the app it was time for me to guide him to a few activities that I thought he might get the most benefit from which were the flash cards and learning songs.


I wasn’t sure how he was going to react as he tends to throw in the towel as soon as he thinks I’m trying to teach him something but to my surprise he continued playing with and enjoying the app just as much as he had when he had chosen the content himself.


He LOVED that so much of the content used song to teach a lesson and that everything was interactive.  Even the portions that were more ‘watch me’ had elements of interaction. No matter where he touched the screen something would happen which definitely kept him engaged.  I also liked that the learning songs had so much great content from brushing your teeth to the solar system.  There was a super catchy song about everything that might interest a little one.


Fine Motor Skills

Once we had gotten through some of the more hard core learning portions I wanted to try him on some of the fine motor activities the app had to offer.  We started off with tracing the letters which was an awesome activity.  The app made it nice and simple for him to trace the letters and offered a fun graphic look that made it really easy for him to see what he was supposed to do.  Next, we went over to the colouring section and he LOVED being able to colour in the various images with his finger.  This was such a great activity as it offered an awesome tactical response and gave him endless colouring possibilities.


Final Thoughts

I would highly recommend KidloLand to anyone who has a pre-schooler and is looking to incorporate learning into an every day routine while still keeping things light and fun.  I feel like we have still only scratched the surface of what Kidloland has to offer!

When you download the KidloLand app you will get a free 7-day trial then from there the subscription price is minimal in exchange for the volume and quality of the content offered.  You can download it on IOS, Google Play Store or the Amazon Appstore!


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