Medieval Times- Fun with Little Ones!

Over Labour Day weekend we had the please of attending the amazing Medieval Times show in Toronto.  Truth be told, we love Medieval Times! We’ve been going for years and every time we take my little guy he gets more and more out of it. If you’re considering taking your little one or want to learn more about exactly what the show has in store here’s my full review!

What is Medieval Times?!

If you’ve never heard of Medieval Times here’s a link to the about page from their website. Basically, it’s a fully immersive dinner theatre show that places you in the King’s Court during a series of competitions performed by Knights.  You are assigned a color and that is the Knight you cheer for, it’s honestly a total blast!

Arriving for the show

Make sure you arrive for the show at least 1 hour before it begins, there is tons to do throughout the castle and you want to make sure you have enough time to experience everything.  When you arrive you will be shown in, given your crown & table assignment and have an opportunity to take a picture with either the King or Princess.  If you have purchased an upgraded King’s Court package you will also receive your VIP lanyard and info on some of the other perks that come along with the package (there are quite a few).

Before the show

Once you enter the castle you will probably be a little overwhelmed with everything there is to see and do.  Here are some of the highlights!

Shopping & Souvenirs

As with any event there are tons of opportunities to purchase souvenirs and other fun items.  One of the top sellers was definitely the light up wands and swords.  These are great because they double as a souvenir and a practical cheering item for your little one to use during the show.  There are also lots of premium items for purchase like swords and statues. If you’re in the mood for a drink there’s a large bar in the centre of the entrance room that serves a variety of drinks and you have the option of upgrading to a souvenir cup. Truth be told we’ve been using our souvenir cups for a few years now, they’ve made it into our everyday rotation lol.


Be welcomed into the King’s Court

If you are celebrating a special event (even if it’s just your first time at Medieval Times) you can take part  in the knighting ceremony where you are brought up on stage and knighted by the King.  This is of course an additional cost but everyone that participated certainly looked like they were enjoying themselves and the souvenir pictures were awesome.

Discover the Castle

Even if you aren’t in the mood to spend any additional money there are lots of things to enjoy just wandering around the castle.  There are members of the royal court out and about for picture opportunities.  My little guy was SO excited to meet the Falconer.  I’m not sure if that’s really a viable 21st century occupation but if it is I think he’s found his calling!  We also got to walk through and see the gorgeous horses that are used during the show as well as just enjoy the sites and sounds of the castle.



The Torture Chamber

Ok, this is an interesting little side attraction.  For the cost of $2 per person you can wander through the Medieval torture chamber.  This is a spot full of all of the gruesome torture devices used during Medieval times and man some of them are nasty!  This is a fun little add on if you have a few extra minutes and have an interest in all things gruesome.

Time to take your seat!

Entering the Theatre

Once the announcement if made that it’s time to take your seats the crowd really moves! Luckily, the staff of Medieval Times has figured out quite the orderly system to get everyone into their seats as quickly as possible.  The VIP sections have the opportunity to enter first followed by the various colours of the Knights.  It seemed like a bit of a jumble when everyone raced towards the door but all in all it was quite smooth.

Dinner is served!

Once you are seated your server is there to explain the menu and welcome you to the show.  They don’t waste any time in getting drinks served and ensuring that everyone is comfortable and knows what to expect.  The dinner is served throughout the show with several courses coming at different times.  If you have dietary concerns make sure you mention it when you arrive, they are are very accommodating and do what they can to get you the best meal possible. My little guy totally loved the food too which made it so much easier for everyone!

On with the Show!

The show is full of so many different elements that you really do have to experience it to get the full picture!  But here’s a run down of some of the highlights.

The Dressage Horses

I LOVE Horses and the dressage horses are really something to see.  They are simply gorgeous and their movements are unbelievable.  My little guy was in total awe of their spectacular performance. One thing to mention, if you’re sitting in the front row you might want to cover your drinks as the horses to tend to kick up a bit of dirt 🙂 Here’s a short clip of these fabulous horses.

Here come the Knights!

It was so much fun when the knights arrived.  The cheers and boos from the audience were so loud and so enthusiastic, it was great to see everyone so into it!  Once the knights arrived and the main plot of the evening was set up the excitement really picked up and my little guy was totally into it! It was also fun because all of the wait staff marched as well and everyone loved seeing their very own waiter in the main ring!


The Falconry Show 

Ok, I have NEVER seen my little guy more amazed than when the falcon flew around the audience.  We had to hold on to both of his arms to stop him from reaching up and trying to touch the gorgeous bird but the smile never left his face. If your little one has never seen a bird of prey fly this will be an awesome experience for them, it really is spectacular!


Let the games begin!!

There were so many games and events that the knights performed and the audience absolutely loved it! There was games of skill and speed and every time a knight won an event they got to throw flowers to the audience.  Well, my little guy caught one of those flowers and he was soooo excited.  He then proceeded to break the flower and yell at me until I ‘fixed it’. Have you ever tried to fix a flower?! I had to stab the stem back through the flower the best I could, luckily there was so much going on that he moved on pretty quickly.

The Grand Finale

Amongst all of the fun and excitement there is actually quite the story going on that involves an evil king from another realm and the good king protecting his kingdom.  Needless to say that was a little too much plot for my little guy to follow but it was a nice addition for the adults as it strung together the events nicely.

Of course, what competition would be complete without a joust and fight to the death! This was definitely the most intense part of the evening as you see the knights get eliminated one by one.  It was also the most exciting.  We were sad that our knight didn’t win but enjoyed cheering for the remaining knights and seeing the winner crown his princess from the audience.

Some Awesome Extras

Because we had the VIP tickets we got treated to some pretty fun extras which included premium seats (we were front row centre!!) a flag to cheer for our knight, a rally towel, a VIP Lanyard and we all got a picture of our group with the King.  These perks were pretty awesome I must say, especially the front row seats.


During the show they also came around to take our pictures and we ended up buying that as well, I can never turn down a fun group shot!


Final Thoughts

All in all it was an awesome evening full of fun, excitement and amazing entertainment.  Every single person that works for Medieval Times is totally into it which makes the experience that much more fun.  The value is also amazing especially since they are always offering perks and deals, make sure to visit their website to sign up for special offers, it’s well worth it. So whether you have a little one with you or not I would highly recommend Medieval Times, you won’t be disappointed!



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