Disney World Vacation- The Countdown is on!!

When you book a Walt Disney World Vacation there are so many mini-steps and milestones leading up to your actual arrival.  There are a few that you don’t need to do on the exact day but there are others you will want to do at the exact minute they become available.  Here are some milestones you won’t want to miss!

499 Days Out

This is generally the furthest out you can book a full Disney World Vacation package.  We usually do a bounce back which means we book our next trip while we are on our current trip so we’ve never booked this far in advance but if you’re eager this is when you can begin! Make sure you downloaded the My Disney Experience App as well to keep track of your vacation.


180 Days Out

This seems like forever until you vacation but this is an important milestone if you’re staying at an onsite hotel.  180 days marks the first day you can book dining reservations and you will want to book all of your reservations at 7AM EST that morning.


100 Days Out

Now’s the time to start customizing your magic bands, you can do this up until 45 days before your vacation starts.  If you live in the US you will get your Magic Bands in the mail, if you’re in Canada or any other country you will have to wait until you arrive. This is usually also a good time to book any special ticketed events you are interested in doing as most will be available at this time.


60 Days out

Today you can book all of your fast passes, max 3 per day!  There are so many strategies to booking fast passes but the most important thing is making sure you have 3 booked for each day of your vacation.  That way, no matter what, you know you will have at least 3 things to do each day.  If you book your fast passes for early in the day you’ll be able to book more once you’ve used up your initial 3 but remember, a lot of the good attractions will already have all of those later times reserved.


45 Days out

This is the time when you will want to book any additional activities like golf, scuba diving, fishing etc.  These are the kind of activities that will round out the remainder of your vacation once you have the bulk of your activities planned. Also, check your mail because you should have received your luggage tags and info package by now!


30 Days out

Finish your online checkin and fine tune your plans.  Make sure you have booked anything and everything you can by this point.  You can also look at changing any plans that you aren’t 100% happy with because you won’t lose any of your current plans until you booked the new plans.  Lots of people cancel reservations so if there was a restaurant or fast pass you missed out on make sure to check again!

1 week until your disney world vacation

Get packed and get excited! Make sure you have everything you need for your vacation and double check that your flights haven’t changed.  Don’t forget to make sure you’ve attached your luggage tags to any bags you will be checking through.

Day of travel 

At this point everything should be done and you should be ready to head to the happiest place on earth, have a fantastic trip!!

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