Disney Vacation Souvenir Solutions

One of the best and worst parts about visiting a Disney park is the endless Disney souvenir options. You really can find something for everyone, which is great, but sometimes little ones start to get over excited and end up wanting everything they see, even if you just bought them something.

But, not to fear! There are some cost effective and fun ways to let your little one have a souvenir without breaking the bank or causing a total melt down, here are a few of my favs!

Buy your disney souvenir before you fly!


Disney merchandise is available everywhere at every different price point from the dollar store to the Disney store.  Before you head on a Disney vacation make sure you pick up some easy to pack souvenirs.  That way you can keep a few in your bag each day and give them to your little one when they start looking for a souvenir or have done something special to deserve a treat!

Mickey Magic Presents

If you aren’t sold on the idea of bringing presents with you into the park trying doing a Mickey Magic Present.  This works similar to Santa Clause in that every morning when your little one wakes up leave out a little present that Mickey brought just for them overnight.  These can be something big or something tiny, totally up to you, but the idea that Mickey brought them something special is such a fun way to keep them from begging for souvenirs during your day in the park.

Pin Trading 


Pin trading is one of the best ways to get in park souvenirs for your kiddo.  They range in price so depending on your budget you can tell your kiddo what color pin they are allowed to pick. They can be found literally everywhere and in every theme so you know they will find one they like.  Pins also have the added bonus of being tradable with various cast members so it can be a fun activity for your little one.  This also allows them to trade away pins they no longer want and change up their collection without buying anything new.

Autograph Albums


Who doesn’t love an autograph!  They make great souvenirs and all you need is an autograph book and a sharpie!  You can buy an autograph book at the park or make your own.  Then, make sure your little one brings it up for all of their character meet & greets to fill their book with everyone’s signature. Such a fun Disney souvenir!

Freebies (yes, these do exist!)


There are many free activities that come with souvenirs throughout the park. One of my favourite is the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  Every time you enter the park you can scan your band to receive your free deck of cards which can be used throughout the park to cast spells at magic portals.  There are so many free souvenirs throughout the parks, make sure you ask a cast member if you aren’t sure where to go or what’s available.

Anything You Want…for $10


I love this one!  Give your little one a budget and let them pick any souvenir they want.  This could be a daily thing or throughout the trip.  Decide an amount that works for you and leave it up to them.  The only thing is, you have to be OK with what they choose, no matter what it is 😉 Looking for some tips for getting around the resort once you ar

rive?  Check out our post on Disney Transportation options!



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