Disney Transportation with a Toddler

One of the reasons we choose to stay at Walt Disney World onsite hotels is the free Disney transportation to and from the parks.  There are so many ways to get where you need to go easily (and generally quickly).  Here are some of our tips for making your journey as smooth as possible.

Disney Transportation ‘s  Magical Express


If you are flying into the Orlando Airport you should definitely consider taking the Disney Magical Express.  This free service takes you straight from the Airport to your hotel. Plus, if you use the provided luggage tags your bags will be sent straight to your room, no need to pick them up before you board the bus.

The bus itself is comfortable and air conditioned and you generally never have to wait more than 20 minutes to board. If you are taking advantage of this great service make sure you bring a carry on with a few necessities (since you will have to wait a bit for your luggage) and make sure to not put a luggage tag on your stroller if you are going to need it as soon as you arrive (we accidentally did this when my little guy was 6 months old and my arms were EXHAUSTED by the time the stroller arrived at our hotel room!)

Then, on the last day of your trip, you will board the bus back to the airport to begin your journey home.  Just remember that the bus will pick you up from your hotel 4 hours prior to your flight to give you ample time to get through security at the airport.  Make sure you check for your exact bus time the day before you depart, you will receive a note on your hotel room door.

On Site Resort Bus Transportation

resort bus

Every hotel within the Walt Disney World resort offers free bus service to and from all of the theme parks.  This service is AMAZING as it gets you right to the park entrance without worrying about parking and remembering where you left your car. Just remember, strollers must be folded before entering the bus so please get your kiddos out and your stroller folded when you see it approaching.

Plus, once you’re at a park you can also take the buses from park to park if you have a park hopper pass which is a definite bonus!

The buses run approx every 20 minutes all day long so if you miss one, another won’t be far behind.  Just remember if you are planning to be at a park right when it opens or stay until it closes the buses will be VERY busy.  Be patient and try and remember you are on vacation, you will eventually get on a bus 😉



The Monorail is certainly a fun way to take Disney Transportation if you get the opportunity! We like to take the Monorail if we are traveling between Magic Kingdom and Epcot or if we are visiting one of the resort hotels along the Monorail line.  If you are planning on going from Magic Kingdom to Epcot make sure you take the express Monorail, otherwise you will stop at all the resorts along the way.

For your best chance of getting on (and maybe even getting a seat) make sure to move down to the furthest door possible.  Most people don’t like to move down the line so the cars closest to the main entrance are always very congested. You can leave your strollers open on the monorail but if it is very busy consider folding it  to allow more room for others to board.


There are many fun ways to travel by boat to and from the parks. There is the Ferry boat that takes you from the Ticket and Transportation Centre to Magic Kingdom as well as  small boats that go from the Polynesian and Grand Floridian resorts to Magic Kingdom park.  You can also take Disney Transportation boats from many resort hotels to Disney Springs (we’ve done this many times and it’s awesome) or from several resorts to both Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

If your little one enjoys boat rides consider doing one (or more) of these as an activity as it gives a nice break to the day and allows for a few minutes of sitting and relaxing while still having fun!

Do you use Walt Disney World transportation? There are so many ways to get around the resort! Check out my blog to learn about your options!


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