Conservation Halton, Christmas Town- Review, Tips & Tricks!

Visiting Christmas Town is one of those magical experiences that your little one will remember forever.  Conservation Halton really does a great job of creating a fun & efficient experience so your kiddo will get the most of it! Interested in knowing more?  I’ve got you covered!

Booking your visit

Christmas Town is a VERY popular event and in order to keep it magical the number of kids that can go at each time is very limited. In order to keep things as fair as possible the only way you can get a ticket to visit Christmas Town is by entering a lottery back in September.

If you are interested in visiting next year, make sure to join the Conservation Halton email list so that you will be notified when the lottery is open.

In order to enter the lottery you will need to pick the top 3 times you are available to attend, the number of participants (kids & adults) and provide a credit card number.  If you are chosen your card is charged right away so make sure you are 100% available at the times you pick.

Here’s a tip for your BEST chance of winning the lottery, be flexible!  You have the opportunity to specify a specific time of day that works best for you but if you are open to the entire day you will be far more likely to get a spot.  We were specific on the first year and missed out but flexible on the previous two and got in!


When you arrive at Mountsberg Conservation area you will check in with the front desk and let them know the name of your child or children. From there, they will let you know how much time you have until your wagon ride leaves and let you know the various activities you will have time to do before your trip to Christmas Town. Your entire visit is approximately 1.5 hours and leaves time for the pre activities so there’s no need to arrive before your start time (unless you want to).

Before Christmas Town

The Elf Academy 

Our first stop was at the Elf Academy.  Here, your little one will get to practice driving Santa’s sleigh, try on an elf costume, do some colouring and even figure out their elf name (mine was Twinkle Sparkle-bottom)


Gingerbread Bakery

Next, we took a visit to the Gingerbread Bakery where there were fun aprons to wear, huge gingerbread people to visit, little felt gingerbread people to dress and decorate and fun recipes and matching games to check out!

Off to Christmas Town

The Horse Drawn Carriage

If you want to make a visit with Santa extra magical start it off with a horse drawn carriage through the woods.  We got a front row seat and my little guy LOVED getting to watch the horses trot along as we journeyed through the woods.  The carriage ride is about 20 minutes there (but only about 5 minutes coming back) so make sure you dress depending on the weather, you will probably need to bundle up!


Just before you arrive at Christmas Town you will spot the ‘Temporary North Pole’ in the distance, this is such a fun touch and really helps to sell the magic of Santa making his temporary home right in Mountsberg.


Where are the Elves?!

I have to hand it to Conservation Halton, they were obviously thinking like kids when they came up with Christmas Town as they took the time to answer questions kids might have before they can even ask them!

Having Elves is (obviously) not really an option so as you enter Christmas Town you pass, the Flight Academy building where you can hear the elves in the break room taking a much needed break!

You can also go in and see the Parcel Pick-Up shop and Flight Academy buildings where the elves are normally hard at work.  The detail in these rooms is amazing and really adds to the magic!

Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen

Once you arrive in Christmas Town you are free to walk around and explore until it is your turn to meet with Santa and Mrs. Claus in their Country Cabin.

One of the places that is definitely worth checking out is Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen where there are fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate for everyone.  Every child also gets some icing and sprinkles to decorate their cookies (which was a highlight for my little guy!)

There is even a nice warm fire to sit near and a craft spot where the kiddos can make their own Elf hat!

Meeting with Santa and Mrs. Claus

No trip to Christmas Town would be complete without a one-on-one meeting with the Big guy himself!  This is definitely the most magical part of the experience.  Each child (or family of children) will get called in by Mrs. Clause to come and visit with Santa.

Santa’s cabin is amazing! It’s a warm, friendly place and Santa and Mrs Claus are FANTASTIC they take as much time as each child needs to feel truly special and every kid leaves with a special ornament commemorating their visit.

Back to reality!

Once everyone has had their personal visit with Santa it’s time to board the horse-drawn carriage and make your way back to reality.  I loved seeing the joy and excitement on all of the little ones’ faces, you could tell everyone was fully in the Christmas spirit now.  If you’ve been thinking about entering the lottery, make sure you do, it’s an experience everyone in your family will love!

Christmas Town at Mountsberg Conservation area is not to be missed, find out why and how to get in on the fun!

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