Family Night Rescue Kit- Review

Last night we enjoyed a new take on family night thanks to ‘Family Night Rescue Kit’.  It was so nice to have someone else do the thinking for us and put together everything we needed to have a night of family fun!

The Premise

Every ‘Family Night Rescue Kit’ has a theme based on a different country.  Our kit was all centred around Ireland which was really fun since that’s my family’s background! The idea behind the kit is to inspire your family to spend longer together and have increased interactions all while having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

The box itself contains props, crafts, games and info, everything you need to kick off your family night and make it a success!

Getting into Character

Before anything else we had to get ourselves in the mood for our Irish evening which included putting on our green necklaces and my little guy even put on his Paw Patrol St. Patrick’s Day shirt.  He also took a major liking to the stuffed snack that came in the kit so that spent most of the evening with us as well!

The Meal

Because Family Night usually revolves around a meal the ‘Family Night Rescue Kit’ provides with you with recipes to make an authentic cultural meal as well as some snack options! Our kit suggested Irish stew and some green treats (we had a bowl of grapes)  as well as some yummy (and colourful) Twizzlers.  My little guy was really confused by the blue colouring and wasn’t totally sold on eating it but once he gave it a try there was no going back!

Scene Setters

The Family Rescue Kit also provides lots of props and suggestions for setting the scene for your meal.  We received some Irish Flags, and cloth squares to help decorate the table which definitely helped the tone of the evening.  There were also great suggestions in the booklet for ways that your little ones can help decorate and even music to play during your evening. It’s awesome that you can really turn your family time into a fully immersive cultural event!

Games and Activities

The Leprechaun’s Treasure Game

This game was so fun!  Basically, you take the provided gold coins, hide them around the house then go on a treasure hunt to find them! My little guy loved this game, it was almost like an easter egg hunt, so fun!

Conversation Cards

I really liked the conversation cards! Each one gave a fun child friendly topic to discuss along with a little bit of info and history.  I could see some of these leading to some pretty hilarious answers too!


Irish Trivia 

Who doesn’t love a good trivia game! Do you know the answers to the below?  Some were easier while others were more difficult which I loved.  You always want a few questions that everyone can answer and a few that really test your knowledge! No googling allowed 😉


Luck O’ The Irish Craft

Last but not least it was craft time.  The kit came with everything you need to make this cute little family craft where you get to fill in what you are lucky for.  Such a great way to end a fun family night!


If you haven’t heard of ‘Family Night Rescue Kit‘ you should definitely check them out.  We had a ton of fun celebrating our Irish heritage and can’t wait to try another culture!

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