Animal Kingdom- Rivers of Light with a little one

On our recent visit to Walt Disney World we were able to see the new Rivers of Light show and WOW! It was honestly one of the most impressive shows I’ve seen in a while. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning to watch it with a little one.

Get a Dining Package or a FastPass+ for rivers of light

First thing to mention, my little guy absolutely loved the show!  But,  part of what made this possible were the amazing seats we were able to get! We had the Disney Dining plan during out most recent visit (as we always do) so I went ahead and booked a dining package that included the Rivers of Light show.  This meant that at the end of our dinner we were given tickets to a special section where we were could get some fantastic seats.

If the Dining Package isn’t your thing, you can also reserve a FastPass + BUT keep in mind you can’t get a FastPass to this and a Pandora attraction on the same day so schedule accordingly.

Of course, you can always get in through the standby line but be aware that the seating area isn’t massive and much of it gets taken up by Dining Package and FastPass + holders.  If you have your heart set on the show make sure to arrive early and if you’re little one can manage it try for the later show.

What Will I see? ** SPOILERS AHEAD**

So much amazingness!  This show has everything and it’s a sensory spectacular!  The entire show is set to music and it begins with two performers pantomiming their way through the crowd as they travel to their boat.  The stadium is split into two large sections and their are performers in each section so no-one misses out.

Once they reach their boat the show begins as a story telling starts to narrate their journey through the Rivers of Light.


Next the colourful animal displays light up the dark as they move through the water, my little guy loved these!


As the show continues it gets more and more spectacular with shooting water and projections (which were really hard to get a good picture of but they were AMAZING)

The last display is probably the best and most unexpected.  At first it looks like a larger version of all of the other rafts but then, it lights on fire and shoots water jets!


The show is captivating from start to finish, my little guy was absolutely mesmerized.

After rivers of light Finishes

If you have a little one with you take your time leaving. It is much less stressful to wait in your seat for an extra two minutes than to try and push your way through the crowds.  The other thing to note is that the Disney transportation buses are really full right after one of these shows ends so if you can put in a few minutes before heading to the buses it’s probably a good idea.  Stop by the Tree of Life and check out one (or two) of the projection shows. They are really fun (and only about 4 minutes long each)  your little one will be entertained and you will have a much shorter wait for the next bus.


So next time you are planning a trip to Animal Kingdom, make sure to put Rivers of Light on your must-do list, as well as Pandora!!

Travels with Tots- Rivers of Light

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  1. Tasha Cain says:

    The lights are so beautiful I think my favorite is the owls.

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