Pandora, with kids!

The new land of Pandora in Animal Kingdom is spectacular but as you can imagine much of it is geared towards adults and older children.  ‘Flight of Passage’ is an AMAZING ride but not one appropriate for you kids (even if they wanted to go on it their height  wouldn’t allow it) so, here are a few of the ways to get the most out of Pandora when you visit with your kiddo.

Na’vi River Journey

The Na’vi River Journey is a slow boat ride that takes place at night down a river full of bioluminescence.  If is beautiful, calm and appropriate for all ages.  My little guy absolutely loved this ride and so did everyone else.  At this point, Pandora is definitely a high demand spot so if you are hoping to enjoy this ride I would definitely recommend a FastPass since lines are generally over 60 minutes.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t get a FastPass for Na’vi River Journey and Flight of Passage at the same time so you might want to visit Animal Kingdom twice in order to have the opportunity to go on both rides with a minimal wait.  Don’t forget, Flight of Passage offers rider swap so that everyone who is tall enough can experience that ride even if you have little ones in your group.

Site Seeing Day and Night in pandora

Pandora is spectacular and if you have no intention on going on the rides it is worth visiting just to see the sites.  During the day it is bright, lush and lovely with waterfalls and floating mountains.  My little guy loved exploring the strange land and looking at the  exotic sites.

At night, Pandora transforms into a glowing, magical world.  The glowing ground and bioluminescent plants will amaze your kiddo.  Especially because many things are activated by movement so it is very interactive.

Pandora with kids

Shows to See

Right in the centre of Pandora there is a show that celebrates the Na’vi culture through music. This show has singing, drumming and is lots of fun. It happens pretty regularly and is a great place to wait while other members of your group ride Flight of Passage.

Dining in pandora

The quick service in Pandora is sooooo good. They have wonderful healthy options that are still very kid friendly.  If you aren’t on the Disney Dining plan you can pre-order your food which is awesome.  Unfortunately, the pre-order service doesn’t accept dining credits as of yet but I’m sure that will be coming soon. We went around 11:30 for lunch and were ahead of the rush so no waiting to worry about!

If you are planning on visiting Pandora on your next trip you will love every moment of it but don’t forget to plan ahead and prepare for crowds!



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