Top Five Tips for a Successful Family Vacation

Taking a family vacation isn’t nearly as calm or relaxing as vacationing with just adults BUT with a little pre-planning and a slight change in expectations it can be just as fun. Here are my top five tips for making your next family vacation as fun and stress free as possible.


1. Choose your family vacation Destination Wisely

 When you begin to narrow down your family vacation locations look into what amenities and activities are available to kids in your children’s age range. This can include onsite activities or nearby local attractions.  Having a balance of activities, you want to do and ones they want to do will help keep everyone happy.

2.  Involve your Kids in the Planning


Once you’ve narrowed down where you’d like to go involve your kids in choosing some of the particulars.  This could include choosing between two hotels or picking some of the things you will see and do while on your trip.  This helps to get them involved and invested in the trip and will help get everyone excited before you even go. This is also a great way to get any arguments about what you will or won’t do out of the way well before you are actually on your trip!

3. Change your Vacation Expectations


This is a really important first step.  If you start thinking about this vacation as a way to bond with your kids, have a lot of fun and make some great memories than you will have a blast.  If you go into the vacation hoping for a chance to relax & recharge the trip might not live up to your expectations.

 4. Pack for Traveling

Whether you are flying or driving make sure you have lots of snacks & activities available so that you don’t have to hear ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘I’m bored’ every 10 minutes.  Having a mix of your little one’s fav things and surprises is best since it will help to keep them feeling excited during the entire ‘travel’ portion of your vacation.

5. Consider inviting Grandma and Grandpa


One of the BEST ways to take a lot of the stress out of a family vacation is to invite some of your extended family.  Multi-generational vacations are fantastic since they give an opportunity for everyone to get a break from each other (if they need it) as well as provide awesome bonding time for kids and grandparents.

The biggest thing to remember when traveling with kids is that literally anything can happen. So, do your best to keep a smile on your face, a positive attitude and just role with it.  The memories you make and the fun you have will be well worth any little headaches along the way.

Thinking of taking a family vacation? Here are my top five tips for making your next family vacation as fun and stress free as possible. #familyvacation #familytravel

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