5 Reasons Why We Love Crack Pot Studio

Last week we visited Crack Pot Studio in Downtown Oakville to try our hand at painting our very own pottery.  It was so much fun!! Here are the top five reasons why Crack Pot Studio is a fantastic family friendly activity.

  1.  Variety & Price

The first thing you will notice when you enter Crack Pot is how many awesome pieces they have to chose from.  We decided to make a Valentines Day Cupcake because we were in the mood for a seasonal activity but there were sooo many options!  Plus, the prices vary from piece to piece (so there really is something for everyone) and the price on the piece includes EVERYTHING! Studio time, paint, glazing, firing etc the price you see is the price you pay (except tax of course 😉 )


2.  You Can Be as Creative as You Want!

At Crack Pot Studio you can choose any colours you want and design your piece anyway you want, it’s a childhood dream come true!  I love creative activities with no rules. My little guy and I had a blast choosing our colours and painting our Cupcake exactly how we wanted!

And, if you’re feeling even MORE creative you can also make your own pottery pieces with one of the pottery wheels.  This is something you will need to look into ahead of time (it’s quite a spur of the moment) but it looks like a blast! My little guy was still to young for this activity but what an awesome thing to try when he gets older.



3. Beautiful Studio space

One of the nicest things about Crack Pot Studio was the gorgeous studio space. It was bright, airy & there was lots of space for you to really make yourself at home.  The staff is amazingly friendly and helpful and the tables are arranged in a way that makes it feel like you really have your own space, not crowded together.  There is a great creative energy in the building which is very welcoming.


4.  Birthday Parties and more!

Yes, you can have a birthday party at Crack Pot Studio and I think it’s such an awesome idea!  What a great way to celebrate your little one’s birthday in a fun creative space.  Or, if you’re looking for a girls’ night that can be hosted here as well.  The party room is a nice separate spot to the side of the studio which definitely makes it a more private event.


5. Camps and Classes

As much fun as it is to do drop in activities I love that Crack Pot Studio offers classes and camps as well.  Make sure to check out their website or give them a call to get your little one (or yourself) booked in if you’re interested in trying it out!


So, next time you’re in Down Town Oakville make sure to pop into Crack Pot Studio to sign up for a class or even create a fun piece right on the spot!

Crack Pot Studio



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