Five Reasons to bring your Kids to Canada Blooms!

Canada Blooms is an annual gardening show in Toronto where Landscape companies from all across Canada show off their best work and compete to win the top spot in a number of categories. As much as the event is geared towards people that are seeking inspiration for their gardens it’s also a fantastic place to bring children, here is a two minute tour are five reasons why we love this show!

1. Bright Colourful Flowers!

Canada Blooms takes place right before spring hits in Ontario which makes it the perfect time to soak up some beautiful flowers in full bloom. Kids will love seeing the colourful displays and beautiful flowers as they enjoy a hint of spring.


2. A Fun Theme

This year’s theme is ‘Let’s go to the Movie’ which is such a fun theme for kids. Every display incorporates movies in a fun way from huge cut outs from ‘The Jungle Book’ to movie posters and even one display that was playing the ‘Despicable Me’ movie on their giant outdoor screen.  This theme helped to add an element of fun to each display and was certainly keeping the kiddos engaged.

3. Interactive Fun

As much as Canada Blooms’ is more of a ‘look but don’t touch’ type of show there were still lots of ways kids could get their hands dirty. From learning to plant a seed to getting to pose with life sized cutouts of some fan favourites there are plenty of ways kids can touch, explore and get involved.


4. Food!

What’s the best way to keep kids happy? Pizza and ice cream!  I mean yes, there are other ways to keep kids happy but having pizza and ice cream certainly helps.  Canada Blooms has lots of food vendors around with many different options but I’m not gonna lie having ice cream certainly made my little guy’s day!


5. Water, Water, Everywhere!

Most of the amazing garden displays at Canada Blooms were more than just lovely flowers, almost all of them included a water feature of some kind. My little guy LOVED looking at all of the water displays especially ones that had a waterfall or some other interesting way of shooting water into the air.


So there you have it, five great reasons to bring your kids to Canada Blooms if you’re looking for a fun & easy activity during March Break.  And, if you don’t want to deal with parking, Canada Blooms is located at the Enercare Centre in Exhibition place which is so easy to access by Go Transit and Streetcar!

Looking for a fun activity for March Break? Here are 5 reasons to bring your kids to Canada Blooms! #canadablooms #marchbreak #toronto

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