5 Reasons to visit Legoland Discovery Centre-Toronto

We were so excited to visit Legoland Discovery Centre Toronto because (like most other people) we love Lego! We’ve been to the Legoland in Denmark as well as the one in Florida so when my little guy was old enough to really enjoy the experience Legoland Discovery Centre in Toronto was high on our list of must dos!  Check out our two minute tour and the top 5 reasons that your little one will love visiting the Legoland Discover Centre.


Legoland Discovery Centre Toronto has two awesome rides, Kingdom Quest & Merlin’s Apprentice.  Both of these rides are good for anyone over 3 and each offers their own sense of adventure.  Kingdom Quest sends you through a dark corridor where you have to blast the bad guys to earn points and save the day while Merlin’s Apprentice has you flying high as you practice to be a wizard.  There’s also a 4D Cinema where you can catch a very interactive movie which is a ton of fun!


Miniland was probably my favourite spot.  I’m a sucker for anything miniature and I loved the way that the City of Toronto was recreated in a fun miniature form.  There were also lots of great interactive points where your kiddo can watch Miniland come to life, we especially enjoyed playing mini baseball and hockey.

Huge Lego Statues

Once you pass through Miniland you are in the main area which is full of massive Lego statues. These are perfect for snapping a picture with and always so fun to discover.  Make sure to walk around the entire area to see them all!

An Area for Everyone

There really is something for everyone no matter what your kids (or you) are into. There’s Duplo village for the little ones,  Ninjago Adventure, Build ‘n Test Racers, Space Mission & Lego Friends.  There’s also the Factory Tour and Builder’s Academy if you are into learning a bit more about Lego.

Interactive Everything!

All of these amazing areas would be nothing it it weren’t for the interactive element.  Absolutely EVERYTHING is interactive and it’s amazing!  Your child can build, explore, play & create in every area.  Everything is hands on and educational (without them realizing it’s educational) which makes it all the better for everyone!

If you’ve never been to Legoland Discovery Centre Toronto I highly recommend you check it out and if you have been it’s probably worth another visit.  To be honest there were lots of things we never got a chance to do because either they were too advanced for my little guy or we simply ran out of time, I can definitely see this as a place that we make a yearly visit to.

Travels with Tots- Top 5 reasons to visit Legoland Discovery Centre, Toronto

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons to visit Legoland Discovery Centre-Toronto”

  1. It Girl says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I always thought that place is much smaller.

    1. travelswithtotsblog says:

      So did I! I was pleasantly surprised when we went inside.

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