5 Reasons to visit Disney World in the Spring!

Disney is a great place to visit every time of the year and Spring is no different.  Here are five reasons why you might want to consider booking a trip in the spring time.

  1. EPCOT Flower and Garden Show

EPCOT flower and garden show.jpeg

If you’ve never been during the EPCOT Flower & Garden show, you are missing out! Besides the gorgeous flowers there is also tons of delicious  food to try at the outdoor kitchens.  We’ve been to this event several times and every year I wish I was there when I see people posting all of the amazing pictures.  There are also lots of different tours you can do during this event to help get a closer look at just how amazing the gardens of the world really are.

2. Easter Activities

Grand Floridian Easter

Easter isn’t the biggest holiday in terms of activities but it is still celebrated throughout Disney World.  Two of my favourite activities are the Easter Egg hunt around Disney Springs and the amazing Easter Egg display at the Grand Floridian and other hotels.  And the best part about these two activities is that neither one of them requires a park admission so even if you are just in the area you can check them out without entering a park.

3. Great Weather

Spring in Florida is beautiful! It’s warm enough to swim but not so hot that you need a constant shade break.  Of course, the weather can still be unpredictable and you may get rain as well as cold or scorching hot days but all in all you should expect some pretty great days!

4.  Star Wars Events


Even though Star Wars weekends aren’t happening any more there is still lots of great Star Wars fun happening during the Spring. There’s the Star Wars Half Marathon in April  as well as Star Wars Galactic Night at the end of May. If you’re a Star Wars fan I would definitely recommend booking a trip around one of these events!

5. Lighter Crowds

Ok, this definitely isn’t always true but if you manage to go in late Spring (after Spring Breaks and Easter) then you will hit lighter crowds.  We have gone a few times in early May and the crowds were much lighter than we expected.  You will also probably be able to get a good deal on flights if you pick a week between mid April- mid May as most people are traveling at that time.

No matter when you visit Disney you are bound to have a great time but if you’ve never considered visiting in the Spring, hopefully this will inspire you to give it a try!

Travels with Tots- 5 reasons to visit Disney World in the Spring

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