10 Reasons Why We Love Goldfish Swim School!

Goldfish Swim School is a swim school like no other! Swimming is such an important skill to teach your little one.  Our little guy started swimming lessons when he was just six months old and has been going steadily ever since.  He has an amazing love for the water and he’s slowly turning into a proficient little swimmer.

Up until quite recently my little guy’s lessons had been at our municipal pools which were fine but always felt like they were missing something. This of course makes sense since these pools are set up to be used by everyone and for many different reasons.  This got us thinking there must be a place that caters more directly to kids’ swimming.  We searched around for a bit before discovering Goldfish Swim School.  With just one look around we knew this was the swim school for our little guy and joined immediately.  Have you been inside a Goldfish Swim School? It’s AMAZING, check out our two minute tour of Goldfish Swim School Oakville for a closer look.

Pretty awesome, right?! Here are my top 10 reasons why we love Goldfish Swim School, Oakville!

  1. It’s so clean!

Goldfish Swim School-change rooms

If you’ve been to a public pool of any kind then you know how big of a deal this is.  The floors are spotless and every change room and washroom is incredibly clean.  This is so important when you need to walk around barefoot.

2. Warm air and water!

Goldfish Swim School pool view

My little guy is really tiny so spending time waiting outside of the water normally has him shivering. At Goldfish he never gets cold during his lesson which is amazing! The water and air are kept very warm so even the littlest kid stays warm!

3. Family Swims!

Swimming lessons are great but there’s nothing more fun than splashing around in the water as a family.  Goldfish Swim School, Oakville has weekly times for family swims at a very reasonable price.

4. Make-up Classes

Goldfish swim school curriculum

Committing to an on going date and time isn’t easy but with Goldfish if you have to miss a class sometimes it isn’t the end of the world.  Your child can have a make-up lesson when it suits you and because every instructor uses the same curriculum you don’t have to worry about them falling behind.

5. A Place to dry your Swimsuit

I Looooove this!  At Goldfish Swim School, Oakville there are machines that dry your bathing suits and it’s honestly the best.  It makes such a huge difference to be able to throw a swimsuit in one of these machines for 30 seconds and take the majority of the moisture out of it.  It’s a little thing but it’s so nice!

6. Scan and Go!

Goldfish Swim School scan and go

Every student gets a card with a barcode that is assigned to them.  When you arrive you just scan your card and you will see what lane you are in.  No questions, no confusion, super easy!

7. Amazing Staff

Goldfish Swim School staff

The instructors, lifeguards and staff at Goldfish Swim School, Oakville are amazing! Everyone is friendly, patient and truly cares about the students.  I have been so impressed with how fantastic everyone is and have seen so many go above and beyond to make sure every child has a great experience.

8. Perpetual Lessons

This is a big one!  One of the most frustrating things about swimming is having to sign your child up for a block of lessons. It feels like they’ve barely started before you have to sign them up for the next block!  And, lesson blocks are never back to back which means waiting in between lesson blocks and if your child needs to repeat a level then things get really complicated! Goldfish has removed ALL of this confusion by having perpetual lessons.  When your child is ready to move up, they move up! If they need to stay in the same level a little longer, no problem!  Plus the lessons just continue so there is no session time to worry about. This system is honestly amazing!

9. Awards and Giveaways

Goldfish Swim School ribbons

Little gestures really do go a long way for kids and it’s clear that Goldfish has figured this out!  They have ribbons for every accomplishment and the kids are so excited to receive each and every one!  They also have little gifts  like their monthly Goldfish bath toys that really make the kids feel special.

10. Water Safety

One of the biggest things that is emphasized at Goldfish is water safety. Kids learn so many important skills to keep them safe around the water without having to rely on lifejackets and floaties which is so important.

So there you have it! If you haven’t thought about checking out Goldfish Swim School, Oakville you definitely should! You can visit their website or facebook page for more info or to get in touch!


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