Cozyphones, Review!

I am always on the look out for ways to make traveling with my little guy easier.  One of the things we have struggled with for ages is finding headphones that he will actually keep on his head which is why we were so excited to partner with, Cozyphones!

What are Cozyphones?

Cozyphones are the most comfortable headphones I have EVER tried.  They are basically like wearing a super soft headband that has speakers perfectly positioned to fit over your ears.  They are so much more comfortable than earbuds or big bulky headphones!


Why I love them for my little guy!

Ever since my little guy was old enough to watch videos during flights or long car rides we have struggled to find headphones he is willing to keep on.  Usually, he leaves them on for about 10 minutes before peeling them off an handing them because he finds them uncomfortable. He’s actually ended up just watching the screen with no sound on flights because he just hates the heavy headphones on his ears.

Cozyphones are a total game changer! First of all, he loved the green monster design we got him. He was so excited when I pulled them out on the plane and actually WANTED to put them on! And, because of their soft design I was able to double check the volume easily which is something I’ve always had a hard time doing with the kid sized hard headphones.

My little guy also loves how easily he can adjust the Cozyphones over his ears and get them just right to make them super comfortable. Plus, he felt pretty cool sitting their with green monster on his forehead!

Cozyphones review TWT3

Why I love them for me!

Cozyphones aren’t just for kids they have lots of great designs for adults as well!  Something I have always struggled with is laying down with headphones on. I can never get comfortable and most of the time just end up giving up and taking them off.  With Cozyphones, I can lay down comfortably and move around without even thinking about it. They also have great styles for working out and being active, although I use mine for both purposes and they work great!


Thanks Cozyphones!

Thanks again to Cozyphones for sending us these amazing headphones, they honestly made my little guy’s plane ride a million times more comfortable and fun!  Interested in finding out more or getting yourself a set?  You can check them out here!

Travels with Tots Cozyphones Review

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